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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Places to visit

Located on the border of the human with the divine, Ouranoupoli unites the Mount Athos in Greece

Abstains from Thessaloniki 120 km and rewards every visitor with its natural beauties, and combines mountain and sea. A waterfront location at the foot of Mount Athos with history and architectural grandeur but also multiple opportunities for rest and relaxation.

Ouranoupoli, a truly remarkable city, considered one of the major resorts of northern Halkidiki. Depending on the mood of the visitor can choose either the nearby pristine beaches or Ouranoupolis small picturesque coves to enjoy a cool swim. However, it has the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunset and a few bars for a drink and relax in the evening, swimming or fishing, both in Gaidouronisi with exotic beaches and other islands off the Ouranoupoli, the Drenia, one can or visit the boats or hire a speedboat.

Daily from the small harbor in the shadow of the Tower, the boats, which take the pilgrims, after having fitted the "office pilgrims" a license to arrive at the port of Mount Athos, Daphne.

The entrance to Mount Athos is permitted only to men, upon granting special leave, the diamonitiriou, but the visitor has the opportunity to do a sea tour around the peninsula of Mount Athos, to observe from a distance with the naked eye or with binoculars natural beauty and the great monasteries of Byzantine architecture.

For nature lovers there are several walkingpaths olive and pine trees. They even have the opportunity to visit the region "Serbia" on the north side of the peninsula or "Single Libra" which is just 2 kilometers from the village, one of the first monasteries were founded in the 10th century and is accessible by women, soil does not belong to the territory of Mount Athos.

Also, Ouranoupoli surrounded by a beautiful forest, which is ideal for hiking and exploring with majestic views of the village and Athos.

The present village was built on the site of an ancient city. The latter was founded in 315 BC by Alexarhos, who was the brother of Cassander. He built Ouranoupolis on the ruins of ancient Sani, which was destroyed by Philip B. This is the same city, Akrothoon, ancient geographers.

In currencies have found the words "Ourania City" and "Ouranidon City" in the form of the goddess Venus Urania.

There was a dependency and property of Vatopedi. To the southwest of the village is the Tower, dating from the 14th century, rebuilt after an earthquake in the 19th century and today one of the adjacent buildings housing the offices of the Community.