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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Vikos Gorge in Epirus


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Mountains

Vikos Gorge in Epirus is well known as The «Grand Canyon» Greece

One of the few remaining wildlife sanctuaries in Europe, and has won a place in the book Guinness, is the Vikos Gorge in Epirus. It is one of the largest and deepest canyons in the world, 14 kilometers in length which meets the smallest opening, only 1100 meters at its narrowest point and simultaneous depth of over 900 meters. The woods of the canyon, which brings together more than 40 different species of shrubs and trees, is classified as a National Park and protected.

The «Grand Canyon» Greece as characterized by many, is located southwest of Mount Gamila near Drakolimni Timfi. The small alpine lake is, owes its creation to the last ice age, 10,000 years ago.

Mythological references exist for a particular location looks like it took its name from dragons that lived in the mountains. In ancient times also had the Pindos mountain sacred place dedicated to Apollo and the Muses.

The versions of Mythology under which was the name of the place is both.

According to the first one of the three sons of Macedon, the Pindos, lived in hiding in the mountains since his brothers hated him and wanted to kill him. During his wanderings there ANTAMOSI a dragon and lived with him until eventually killed by his brothers. The dragon that lived in the lake, lamented the Pindos gave in honor of his name in this mountain range.

In the second version of the three brothers, sons of Macedon, were transformed into three dragons. One caught the mountain Lakme (Dove), the other Timfi (Camel) and Pindos Smolikas. Among the war opened, throwing large rocks, as soon as the other two managed to kill the Pindos. This particular myth justifies according to supporters of Twelve and dark rocks adorning Drakolimni Gamila unlike whites encountered in the remaining mountain.

According to the recent history of the surrounding area of ​​the canyon, to the early 20th century both in the canyon and lake resided the "Vikogiatroi." The flora of the lake consists of numerous herbs used by practitioners for therapeutic purposes.