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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Agria Gramvousa and Mpalos


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Agria Gramvousa and Mpalos are found in Grete

In the northwestern part of Crete, on the verge of Kissamos is a wild, inhospitable almost peninsula, ending in one of the most exotic beaches of the Mediterranean. Mpalos is the most imposing and most famous images of Chania, right across from two small islands, the Agria Gramvousa and Mpalos. At first, the boats every day, disembark guests wishing to climb to the Venetian castle, which was, in the years of struggle, the base for Cretan rebels against the Turks.

The magnificent beach of Mpalos
The ball or the Fishermen's harbor, as it was formerly known, is an exotic beach, standing in a scene of indescribable beauty, the northwestern tip of the prefecture of Chania in the white sands of the beautiful waters, arrive daily in the summer months, hundreds of foreign visitors, especially by boat from the port of Kissamos. The more adventurous, however, and those who would like to know the ball in all its splendor and panoramic photos draw one of the wonders of nature that hosts the Cretan landscape, reach here by car or on foot, by a route a few kilometers bad dirt road that leads to a roughly shaped for parking space, above the beach. Then take the relatively easy path to the beach, after about 35-40 minutes.

The most impressive experience, though, is when, in the third, about the route, revealed before his astonished eyes of walkers Balos beach in all its glory. From this point have been shot and beautiful photographs of the area. The steep and rocky slopes of the mountain Geroskinos, Cape Gramvousa, resulting in a chrysolefki sand and then a huge round rock that traps the waters of the sea, forming a large lagoon, into which the water has a depth of only a few centimeters. On the right side of the bay the water deepens just enough for someone to enjoy swimming in the sea, surrounded by exotic islets of sand. The setting completes the picture of two isolated islands of the day and Wild Gramvousa, located further north, the first stand on the castle is built on top.

In the islands of Agria Gramvousa and Mpalos
Agia Gramvousa is the most distant, and the most hostile (as the name suggests) than the two islands. It is rocky and tall and sharp cliffs that surround it, do not allow it alight. But it is a place that hosts many birds and so is included in the Natura program and is a protected area.

Tourists, however, landed in the day Gramvousa on the south side where there is a small port. Traveling by boat from Kissamos lasts about an hour. The landscape, however, will reward you with its wonderful sandy beach that is very close to where the boats dock. There discern an old wreck, which is the attraction Gramvousa. This is the Dimitrios P., a cargo vessel was carrying cement and started with the Port of Chalkis. On January 6, 1968, the captain was forced to anchor off the coast of the island, to avoid bad weather. Two days later, however, a chain broke, the ship ran aground on the rocks and waters empase. The crew left it and two days later, the survivors collected a naval vessel.