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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

Anafi is the place to enjoy the best of Greek Islands

If crowded tourism and secular holidays are not your style, if you seek a quiet place to spend your vacation, but retains the charm and traditional character of the cycle, then you should probably choose Anafi Island for holidays.

Ultimately, Cyclades, fermented in the sun of the Aegean sea salt, Anafi island remains one away from the pace of modern development. There, life is different and the magic is how residents and visitors learn to make do with little, but well. Anafi is located east of Santorini, which form the southeastern islands of the Cyclades and has only about 280 inhabitants.

In Anafi, the traveler should be conscious, to know what he wants and then, be assured that you will find there. We're talking about relaxation, tranquility, wildlife, good traditional food and of course crystal clear seas and golden sands. On the island there are many shops, beyond some basics, such as two grocery stores, bakery, small little souvenir shops and tavernas and cafés. It is therefore very likely, where you can drink your coffee in the morning, go for lunch or afternoon drink and music at night. And if some may seem "boring" is for other recreation and relaxation. And if for some Anafi is located in the shadow of the island ... for others it is a hidden paradise for holidays and beyond.

The first acquaintance with the island is via the port of Saint Nicholas, who greets visitors by showing the way for the town, the only organized settlement, which is spread out over the harbor, at an altitude of 260 meters.

With an open view to the Cretan Sea, the country offers spectacular views from many places, with balconies and terraces that seem to "hang" over the sea, and from there start many excursions to the "hidden" and visible protrusions on the island. The Country differentiated between those of the other Cyclades, because of numerous vaulted, one-room houses, which occupy an important place in the village. Narrow and picturesque alleys permeate every corner leading to the Venetian Castle, the original core and heart of the village. Of course, a traditional village, the country is not accessible to vehicular.

Anafi is characterized by beautiful sandy beaches mainly, unorganized, with crystal clear waters. Starting from the harbor and along the southern coastline, is the Kleisidi, with an excellent sandy beach and accommodation in rented rooms. More is the next Katsouni the linden (linked path from Kleisidi) and the Small Roukounas, small retreats with fine golden sand and crystal waters.

The large beach Roukounas is the most popular sandy beach on the island, approximately 400 meters and is the culmination of a stream that forms a small valley with olive trees and prickly pears. In taverns and rented rooms.

Moving south we find small beaches Katalymatsa, known by the remains of the ancient harbor, which are scattered in the area, Great River, which forms a deep ravine between the hill of Kastelli and vounodi of Chalepa.

Continuing, the Saints are Anargyroi a small, beautiful beach surrounded by steep cliffs, with the chapel at the top of the cliff, and just before the rock of Kalamos is the small bay Prasies, an old seaport of landing place and monastery of pilgrims.

Below are the bays of St. George with the chapel and Symiot, at the northern tip of the island, while to the west and south, formed successively deserted pebbly beaches Kalagkathi (no road access), Prassa, Vagia and Cypress.

The imposing rock and trails

Point trademark of the island and an important landmark, is the rock of Kalamos in the eastern end of the island, whose location and show cause indescribable awe visitors. The towering rock monolith that is inaccessible from the sea and inaccessible by land. It is a whole unique monument on the island, hosting rare species of flora and presents impressive geomorphological features.

At the highest point of the cliff is deserted now Kalamiotissa old monastery, and the view that one can see from there is unique, especially during sunset and sunrise.

To reach the top, you need to follow a path for about half an hour starting from the Monastery of the Life Giving Spring. Many hikers even choose to sleep in sleeping bags, in the grounds of the old monastery.

Apart from the path of Kalamos in Anafi are also another 4 tracks total length 18 km, giving the traveler the opportunity to discover unknown aspects of rural anafiotikis historical, cultural or environmental significance.

Anafi is connected with Piraeus by ferry boats, 3 times a week and the trip takes 9-13 hours. Also associated with Santorini, almost daily with local services to about 1.30 hours and 2-4 times each week with the islands of Ios, Sikinos, Folegandros, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, Syros, Kythnos and Kea.

Where to stay:

Choose from the list of accommodations from the official site of the island: / accomod.html.