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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Ancient Olympia


Greece Travel Guide|Archeological places

Ancient Olympia has many things to see! Surely you must visit the Museum of the Olympic Games,

The Museum of the Olympic Games at the ancient olympia you discover the way essentially like the games held in ancient times.

Then you will enjoy the area, which leads to a beautiful, new pedestrian. Yes, we should be guided and the Archaeological Museum to see the Hermes of Praxiteles.

Every four years a nationwide ceasefire was announced and people from all over Greece came to Olympia to attend and watch the games. The prize winner was kotinos, a wreath of wild olive.
Olympia was a sacred place, and Delphi. The sacred site was in the valley of the river Alpheus, in Pisatis and the precincts of Altis, "the most beautiful part of Greece", in north-western Peloponnese.
Although the historical fights starting in 776 BC, a date regarded as the first Olympiad, were held here from ancient times and according to tradition one of the renovators were the hero Hercules.
In this unifying event, only free Greeks were allowed to take part. Greeks from the Gates of Hercules, the Caspian Sea and Africa came to fight and watch the games, including philosophers, sages, heroes and famous men.
It is not coincidence that Greece for the first time in history did the games. This was a special event, a product of high culture, in which the world was celebrating the race and the gods, who were favored with virtue, strength and grace.

Make a stop at the renovated SPAP (monument of the 20th century began as a building of the railway company and then worked as a hotel). Returning to Athens, stop at Ancient Elis (25 km from Ancient Olympia to Amaliada), the host city of Olympic Games of antiquity, to see the new museum with finds from nearby archaeological site.

If the weather is going to ride on the fabulous beaches of Kalami, Kyllini, Bear, Kaiafas Skafidia Kourouta. Are some of the most exotic beaches of Greece are within half an hour from Ancient Olympia. For dinner we recommend the Tavern in Ancient Pisa Bacchus for nice homemade. The village will try Linaria chicken in various versions in the tavern chickens, while the Tower would go to the galley for Glamour pork roast and pork.