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Archeological places

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Archeological places in Greece

Archeological places

Tree of Hippocrates in Kos   Tree of Hippocrates in KosTree of Hippocrates in Kos
Roman Odeon of Kos   Northwest of the ancient theater of Kos is the Roman Odeon.Roman Odeon of Kos
Olympus dion   Olympos with the mystic charm of awe and excitement to people always.Olympus dion
Menelaeiou archaeological site   Menelaeiou archaeological site is located approximately 5 km southeast of the modern city of Sparta Menelaeiou archaeological site
Knossos   Knossos is for Heraklion and the whole island what is the Parthenon for Athens.Knossos
Kallimarmaro   Panathenaic Stadium or well known as Kallimarmaro is the first place that the modern olympic take place back at 1996Kallimarmaro
Greek monuments included in the Unesco list   Greek monuments included in the list of Unesco World HeritageGreek monuments included in the Unesco list
Early Christian Catacombs in Milos   Early Christian Catacombs in MilosEarly Christian Catacombs in Milos
Castle Neratzia   Castle Neratzia or else the Castle of the Knights built by the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem in the ruins of an ancient city.Castle Neratzia
Bourtzi-Castelli Nafplio   Bourtzi is a small island fortress in front of the harbor of Nafplio.Bourtzi-Castelli Nafplio
Athens Acropolis -Parthenon   As the Athens Acropolis means the rock on which built the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylaea, the Erechtheum and other smaller buildings. Athens Acropolis -Parthenon
Asklipio Ancient Peparithos   Asklepion is one of the most important archaeological finds of Skopelos and the Sporades in general.Asklipio Ancient Peparithos
Archaeological Museum of Milos   The Archaeological Museum of Milos is the main town of Plaka and housed in a neoclassical 19th century building,Archaeological Museum of Milos
Ancient Thira   Ancient Thira is the ancient village of Santorini, which was founded in 9th century BC and dominates at Mesa Mountain at an altitude of 385 meters.Ancient Thira
Ancient Philippi   Ancient Philippi is a timeless cradle of civilizationAncient Philippi
Ancient Olympia   Ancient Olympia has many things to see! Surely you must visit the Museum of the Olympic Games,Ancient Olympia
Ancient Market of Kos   Ancient Market of Kos located in the eastern tip of the island and is the sequel to the port of Kos. Ancient Market of Kos
Ancient civilizations for kids   The magic of ancient civilizations learn that attraction is not just Disneyland.Ancient civilizations for kids