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Aris the God of war


Greece Travel Guide|Ancient greece

Aris is also known as Mars is all times clasic at earth

Since ancient times the people to solve their differences resorted to the most painful act of man, war. In ancient Greek mythology, dominated by two major military operations: the ten-year Trojan War and the Argonauts. The Greeks then molded a god, Mars, who personified this terrible scourge. He was always thirsty for blood and the key feature was the irrational rage and lack any courtesy.

Mars was the second generation of Olympians. It was legitimate son of Zeus and Hera. Love to cause wars and quarrels made him obnoxious to others not only gods but also to his father Zeus, who did not lose the chance to infect and calls him "hell head." The biggest controversy was Mars with Athena, who was also this war goddess. But Pallas was also the goddess of wisdom, combining power with intelligence. So most often shame and defeat the war-god. The most important conflicts between them took place during the Trojan War.

As we are informed by Homer, Randy god had promised his mother Hera and Athena to help the Greeks. But xelogiasmenos by the beauty of Aphrodite, came at a critical time to the opposing faction. For a long time stand by the main hero of the Trojans, Hector, who was suffering from the heads of the Achaeans, and one was missing from the battlefield, Achilles. Hera indignant with her son since childhood that only cause problems, ran to Zeus and asked permission to drive Ares from the battle, injuring him. He accepted, and one did not like at all son. Immediately Hera sent Athena to arrange as he knew.

The wise Pallas wore the dogs, the cap that is the uncle of Pluto, which made her invisible, and at once jumped from Olympus in the Trojan plain. Then he stood on the chariot of Diomedes battle that began with Mars, without of course knowing that he was the Olympian god. He first threw his bronze spear against the mortal warrior, but the invisible Athena pushed with both hands and fell on deaf ears.

Then Diomedes threw his spear, and Athena directed to the side of Mars. He fell wounded on the ground and took a terrible voice panicked Greeks and Trojans, it was like shouting with ten thousand warriors. Then he flew to Olympus wrapped in thick clouds and immediately went to the palace of Zeus.

He showed the wound weeping and began the complainer says:
- Father Zeus, see the injustices done to, but not angry. All gods always do your will and obey your orders. But you do not see the Athena who always makes her own; not the fights ever, because I gave birth alone. And now to put a mortal; to hit me with his spear and with rezilepsei.
The father of gods and men, furious with his son, answered him with offensive words.

- Not ashamed to come before me and whining? Do you know how I hate you because you always like wars, battles and quarrels. You head like hell your mother Hera. Know it, twisted, that if your father was another will had thrown in Tartarus, below and from the Titans.
They told him, but the son was and could not bear to see him hurt and crying. So mandated Paionian, doctor of the gods, to heal his wound. But in the final battle of the Trojan war all gods, even with the permission of Zeus, ran armored battlefield. In the Greek camp paratachtikan Hera, Athena, Poseidon and kosmoseistis divine blacksmith Hephaestus. Beside the Trojans arrived the kranoseistis Mars, saiteftra Artemis, the long-haired Phoebus, Leto, the smiling Venus and the river Xanthus.

Mars, who was cholomenos with Athena, because it always ashamed in front of the Olympia, with the dashed straight at the first opportunity and spoke bad words:
- Shameless dog, with your ego and your insolence provoke trouble to the gods.
Then he threw his spear on the patronage of Athena, or the thunder of Zeus do not pierced. The goddess shook and made a couple of steps backwards. Without losing courage, grabbed a huge kotrona people had erected on the boundary and hurled the warlike god. The kotrona struck Mars on the neck, bent his knees and fell back down wide. The huge spread his body and covered seven acres. His knees bled and hair filled soils. All the gods started to laugh when they saw lying on the ground, the god of war, once again the rezilepse Athena. Only Venus ran to him, helped him get up and grasping him by the hand raised him to Olympus.

Several differences also had Mars with the famous hero Heracles, but he enjoyed the protection of Athena. Once the Swan, who was the son of god and the bellicose Pelopeias, wanted to build a male skulls from a temple in honor of his father; so kill all the passers. So he tried to do with Hercules. Mars rushed to the side of his son and forced the hero to be removed. But then Heracles returned and killed the swan. For this event there are several variations. So, tell how the Swan agreed with Mars to kill Hercules. During the conflict the hero killed the Swan and immortal god injured his thigh. Another poet recounts that the Swan was the son of Mars and its core and caused a fight Hercules. God wanted to help his son, burning the opponent. But Zeus, who was father of the hero, threw thunder between them and their other son chorise.Enas Mars had differences with Hercules was Diomedes of Thrace. This country was barbarous and Mars had many relationships with her. It is said that there had second palace and lived for long periods of time. He was the son of mares fed with human flesh. Hercules grabbed the lead and the sea. Diomedes persecuted hero, but was killed by arrows.

Even, say, that Mars had brought up the Stymphalian Birds, predatory vultures fed with human flesh. Those killed by Hercules, performing one of the twelve labors assigned to him by Eurystheus. This achievement was realized with the help of Athena, who gave him the cymbals and the Ifaistou.Alla giants Mars, which should take the lead, not manage it very well, in contrast with Athena and Hercules, which even was still mortal. From what Hesiod tells us just killed a Giant in Milan.

Since the generation of Mars but the Giants got another terrible attack. The Aloades the ear and Ephialtes, took him prisoner. This happened either when the Giants attempt to climb over Mount Olympus, placing it over a mountain to another, either during the execution of the task entrusted to them by Venus, namely to guard Adonis. For one reason or another, the prisoner Aloades kept him in a large copper bottle for thirteen whole months. And it was still more if not escaped the secret from her mouth Erivoias, the stepmother of the Giants. The Mercury heard and ran to release him. Mars did not dare to appear before the immortal, because he knew how to face the severe reprimands his father, but jokingly laughs and the other gods and especially Athena. So she ran and hid in the rocks of Naxos.

God once mated with the daughter of Cecrops Agrafi and acquired Alkippi. From the beauty of the Alirrothios but dazzled, who was the son of Poseidon and the nymph widely. As the daughter resisted the call of love, the Alirrothios raped her. Mars, to avenge his daughter's atimasma, killed him. Neptune called extraordinary court of the gods, to judge the guilty murder. The court hearing was on a hill near the Acropolis. There the gods decided the acquittal of Mars.

The hill named Areopagus (Mars rock) and then introduced all criminal cases be tried there.
Others say that the Amazons, the renowned warriors, were the daughters of Mars. Once occupied Athens, during which King was Theseus, offered sacrifice to their father on the hill, from which it is named after Mars.

An important role has Mars in the myth of Cadmus, the founder of Thebes. Specifically, Cadmus killed a dragon who was the son of Olympian god and the nymph Telfousas. That's why the hero was forced to serve as a slave for one Mars year. By order of the god Cadmus sowed the dragon's teeth half a plowed field and the earth grew fierce warriors who were called Sparti. With a clever design of Cadmus; alliloexontothikan are only five survived, who were the first citizens of Thebes. Mars later reconciled with Cadmus and gave to his wife Harmony, daughter of Venus. All the Olympians attended the wedding of the goddess with the mortal hero. Apollo with the Muses sang beautiful hymns and Hephaestus gave the bride a veil and a Panorios the gold necklace.

The most famous erotic adventure of Mars is illegal relationship with Venus. This was lawful wife of Hephaestus. When he saw the body of Mars kalogymnasmeno and Panorios face, could not resist the call of love. The infidelity was perceived that the Sun, revealed that all the divine blacksmith. One to catch them red-handed, put the magic in bed nets and pretended to leave trip to Lemnos. The god of war when he saw him leaving, he ran to the palace and met Venus. The two lovers when I lay in bed, caught in nets of magic. Soon appeared Hephaestus to tell all the gods. They began to laugh when they saw the trapped lovers. Once the Hephaestus released after intervention of Neptune, Venus fled to the temple of Paphos, and Mars in Thrace.

Apart from Harmony, Mars from relationships with Aphrodite had two sons, Deimos (Terror) and Phobos. They were inseparable companions and servants of Mars. Followed him in all the fields of battle and the ancient worship with their god of war. They offered sacrifices before the battle to drive out fear from their own party and to scatter opponents.

Moreover, since mating with Arpina Bride, Mars acquired Oenomaos. He had a beautiful daughter, Hippodamia. But he did not want to marry because he was in love with her. For this reason, asking the prospective grooms to race chariots. He had his chariot two horses, a gift from his father, who ran faster and the wind. So overcame everything and then kill the prospective grooms.
Only Pelops managed to win, with the advice of Hippodamia, which is the love.

Also Meleager was the son of Mars from Althea, his wife Oineas. This managed to save her son at the last