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Asklipio Ancient Peparithos


Greece Travel Guide|Archeological places

Asklepion is one of the most important archaeological finds of Skopelos and the Sporades in general.

Asklipio Ancient Peparithos is one of the oldest temples of the god of medicine Aesculapius, dating to the 4th century BC In 1961 he discovered the walls of ancient buildings, which was later destroyed by the sea shore and joined about 30 meters. In subsequent excavations, except foundations and other buildings have come to light vases and ceramic parts. A shell with the inscription ASKL led archaeologists to the conclusion that it is the temple of Asclepius, a conclusion which is reinforced by the location of the site.

Among the findings of the Asklepios statue head is a girl, a boy's torso statue and column with a relief of human figures. Projects for the enhancement of the site continued today and will be completed in a few months.