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Athena the Goddness


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Athena was the goddess who symbolized wisdom.

The Greeks, the first people to win logical thinking and formulated universal laws for the operation of the universe, coined a goddess who personified the wit and wisdom. Besides, even the way the goddess of birth was evidenced such that its properties. The blue-eyed daughter sprang from the head of the omnipotent and omniscient Zeus.

By the time the father of gods and men brought up in Crete, without the knowledge of Saturn, the nymphs of the mountain and Oceanides, fell in love with Mitida. This was the most sensible of all her sisters. With the advice of Zeus helped decisively to get the final victory. This gave him a magic herb with which the terrible paidofagos forced to pull out from the stomach of the gods who had swallowed. The Mitida was the first wife of Zeus, or according to others the first mistress. At a celebration held at Olympus to formalize their relationship, Uranus and Earth revealed that their grandson would give her first daughter and then a son who would become so strong, that would be called the first of the gods.

The oracle of his ancestors he put him in thought. So when he saw a pregnant woman could not stand. So an herb called by his grandmother that whoever was eating like a little finger. Gaia gave him the charm and he ran in Mitida and gave it to swallow it, saying it would make strong children. So it happened; but soon the Mitida began to diminish. Then Zeus opened his huge mouth and swallowed. Resorted to the trick that his father, but he disappeared and his wife with the child who had her abdomen. Zeus once swallowed Mitida won wisdom throughout the world. He knew every moment what is good and what evil.

After a few days began to bother him something in his head. He felt like a small sword softly touching his mind. But as time went by became more intense discomfort and pain in the head too strong. Jupiter vogkouse of pain; all goddesses tried to soothe him magic herbs, but nothing. Screamed and hit the ground, so that the entire Olympus seiotan and echoed by the voices of the heart-breaking. One night I could not stand each other, asked Hephaestus to come to the palace with a huge hammer. His son arrived sweaty and grimy.

Just saw Zeus said:
- Quickly Hephaestus give a hammer with you in my head to get away with once and for all from this ordeal.
The divine blacksmith paused, gourlose eyes and refused to do so. But Zeus was not joking.
Hephaestus enraged that he threatened him for the second time he flew from Olympus.

Terrified, the young god said:
- Forgive me father, forgive me mother Hera and you all Olympians. But you also see that I can not do otherwise.
Then he lifted the huge hammer and pulled with all his strength to the head of his father. Then right before the eyes of wonder sprang from Olympian Zeus head a Panoras, blue-eyed daughter, fully armed. He was holding a shield, wearing helmet and shook the threatening spear. It was Athena, goddess of war but of wisdom and patron; inherited his father's omnipotence and wisdom of Mitidas.

At the time of birth issued a war cry that made the entire Olympus to shake and went to the ends of the world. The earth shook and the sea; anatarachtike huge waves rose menacingly and lid. The sun stopped the golden chariot of the goddess and watched until they pull the armor of even the weakest of the body. Soon it stopped kosmochalasia caused by the birth of the new goddess. The whole nature calm. Jupiter, which is unencumbered by the terrible headache, relieved he saw his new daughter and smiled. That in short time grew and gained in its entirety the divine glory. The gods erected a feast to welcome their new partner. The first dance drew Athena.

According to another legend told in Crete, the goddess was born on the island from a cloud struck by Zeus' thunderbolt. Or again said that she was a daughter of the giant Pallas or daughter of Poseidon and Tritonis. Many times it was called Pallas. For this name was the following legend.

The first years of her life grew up with a girl called Pallas. They had become very favorite friends. They learned the martial art together and played many violent games. One day I fell out, the Pallada was ready to hit the Athena. But Zeus saw them all, he feared for his little daughter and protect her with his aegis. She was startled when he saw land in front of the formidable shield. The goddess took the little scrimmage and hit her fatally. When he realized that his girlfriend had died, then burst into inconsolable tears. To honor her young friend, he created a statue of looked and placed it next to her father. The statue was made of wood and was named Palladium. Eventually, however, Zeus threw Mount Olympus and it fell to Troy at the time the city was being built. The statue has since protected area. Because he had fallen in the temple of Athena, the goddess named Athena-Pallada.
Many cities in antiquity that had supported palladium and it enjoyed its protection.

Athena is the favorite child of Zeus and spent her entire life dedicated to her father who yperagapouse. Valuable was the help of the Giants where he killed and flayed Pallas and crushes the Enceladus with Sicily. Only this was next to Jupiter, when the terrible Hurricane stormed Mount Olympus. Only once participated in the conspiracy of Hera, Poseidon and Apollo against the father. But then it was the only one who knew the wrath of Zeus and thus the relationship of love and affection continued without further problems.

Athena loved martial arts and he ran constantly with them. He had no love affairs and symbolized the eternal virginity. That's why the Athenians called the temple of the goddess on the Acropolis, the Parthenon. Only once tried to say to annoy erotic Hephaestus, the goddess but resisted palikarisia. From the seed of the god who fell to earth born Erichthonius, a renowned hero of Athens, the goddess of behaving as if he were her son. Others argue that the Erichthonius was the son of Gaia who entrusted him to Athena to raise him. It said that the hero has established the Panathenaic festival, the biggest celebration in honor of Athena. Also believed that the goddess taught him to drive his quadriga, a chariot pulled ie four horses. Most favorite city was Athens, which took its name. Said that he first arrived in Attica Neptune. He struck his trident on a rock of the Acropolis and immediately gushed forth a spring of salt water. Then Athena, and she asserted that the sovereignty and protection of the land, planted an olive tree. Then the judges joined other Olympians in the battle of the gods and decided in favor of Athena.

According to another legend once grew an olive on the Acropolis and further gushed forth a spring. Cecrops was ruler of the area requested the advice of the oracle and was informed that the tree represented the source of Athena and Poseidon. Then called popular assembly of men and women. All men voted for Neptune and all the women in favor of Athena. But this was more so the city was given to the goddess. Angry Poseidon flooded the area. Men, then, to punish women, forbidden to attend meetings and vote.

But the most common version of the myth is as follows. The gods told the litigants that would benefit the town who would do the most useful gift to the residents. Then Poseidon struck his trident on earth and sprang a white horse.
The immortal admired this gift, because they knew how useful it was in agriculture and other occupations. But soon the wise Athena struck her spear Attic land and grew a bushy evergreen and olive. Then the Olympians agreed that the blessed fruit of the tree was more useful for people in the region and thus gave the victory to Athena.

Athena, a virgin goddess, do not get along with Venus, the patroness of love. Very often quarreled and wrangle, even before their father, Zeus. He always tried to reconcile. It seems that it is not working; when the two rival goddesses found in the Trojan war, Athena did not hesitate, through Diomedes course, Venus and hit to hurt.

The martial goddess stood by many well-known heroes of antiquity. One of them was protected by Hercules. From the first moment he saw Athena, when the mortal hero even ran on the side of Jupiter to face the Giants, the liked. With valuable advice managed to kill the kingfisher. But later, when Eurystheus made Hercules the test of the twelve labors, helped him. He gave the cymbals, which was the work of the divine craftsman Hephaestus. Hitting the hero Stymphalian startled the birds that flew from the hidden nest and thus killed them with arrows. To the delight of devoted the golden apples from the garden cut Esperidon.Me the help of the goddess Perseus managed to kill the Gorgon. This was a monster instead had snakes for hair and eyes, causing terrible of terrible panic whoever looked up or calcify. The hero, when he went to face the horrible monster, had with his shiny shield Athena gave him. Thus, while elsewhere he had turned his eyes, watched the Mermaid which is mirrored on the shield and decapitated. He offered his terrible head, which even had cut its properties in Athens. The goddess placed the so-called "gorgoneio" on the patronage of which was a gift her father. Collect blood from the veins popped the monster and gave to Asclepius, who used it as medicine. Others say that given two drops of blood in Erichthonios. One cause of death and the other had healing properties.

Even saying that when Perseus decapitated the Gorgon, the sisters, the Stheno and Euryale, were immortal, mourned the moanful. But this cry came from snakes that were in their hair and not the same. Athena tried to find a way to mimic him.
So he took the bone of a large deer that had been sacrificed, opened some holes and blowing from time to time in the new musical instrument called the recorder. Excited ran Olympus and showed his invention of the gods.

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