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Koukounaries beach at skiathos

Koukounaries beach at skiathos

Koukounaries meaning "pine cones" after the trees surrounding the beach.
Koukounaries is the most famous beach of Skiathos and reputed to be the best in the Aegean if not the whole Mediterranean.
It has fine golden sand leading up to the shade of the Koukounaries pine trees (umbrella pines).

On the koukounaries area skiathos beach there are 3 beach tavernas, 3 water sports schools and 2 kiosks for cigarettes, soft drinks, etc.

At koukounaries area skiathos the crystal clear water are there to give you a perfect sea bath.

Situated on the southwest side of Skiathos is the delightful town of Koukounaries, a traditional town with immense charm and beauty that forms the perfect place to visit.

The sea at koukounaries area skiathos is like being in the green forest!

Thing to do during your Koukounaries holidays include walking in the protected natural areas, taking scenic cruises or sailing trips around the island, and visiting the medieval town of Kastro.