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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Budget Hotels

Greece Travel Directory -

Budget Hotels are hotels under one star

Budget Hotels are at the lowest price Hotels.At this category you expext to pay less. They are obviously the least expensive ones, but money becomes less relevant when the place in question is not clean enough, safe enough or doesn't have something that you consider essential for your stay and the price difference with a One Star Hotel is very small:

Rent Rooms Hotel Thessaloniki   Rent Rooms Hotel ThessalonikiRent Rooms Hotel Thessaloniki
Pagration Youth Hostel   Pagration Youth Hostel located at the center of athens is a very cheap accomodation in AthensPagration Youth Hostel
Emporikon Hotel Thessaloniki    The Hotel Emporikon is situated in the centre of Thessaloniki, close to the shops and the white tower. Emporikon Hotel Thessaloniki
Attalos Hotel   Attalos Hotel is located at the center of athensAttalos Hotel
Athens Cypria Hotel    Athens Cypria Hotel located within steps of Syntagma SquareAthens Cypria Hotel