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Byzantine Museum of Chios


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Byzantine Museum of Chios

In the courtyard sculptures Christian, Byzantine, Genoese, Turkish folk and post-Byzantine art. Even Jewish tombstones and five cannons of the 17th century. In the porch post-Byzantine frescoes and sculptures of Early Christian, Byzantine, Genoese and popular art. In the main room, which is not open, there are sculptures of the above categories, as well as inscriptions, pottery and folk art, miniature, wood carvings and post-Byzantine icons. Finally, detached Byzantine and post-Byzantine frescoes.

The most important exhibits are:

- A post-Byzantine fresco depicting the miracle of St. Nicholas, the work of Michael Chomatza Anagnostou (1734). Derived from the penultimate step illustration of the church to Our Lady Krinas Vavili Chios.

- Two marble arches of the Genoese season with the theme of St. George the dragon made​​.

Official Unit:
Third of Byzantine Antiquities

Chios (Chios Prefecture)

Phone: +30 26 866 2710