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Cave of the Cyclops in Gioura


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands


Gioura, a small uninhabited island just 16 miles north of Alonissos, is the largest cave in the Northern Sporades, which according to legend, was the cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus Homer. The cave is 150 meters, the dimensions of the chamber is 40 by 50 meters and its height reaches 15 meters. The systematic excavations conducted during the 1990's, unearthed relics from different periods of occupation, the most important and interesting findings dating from the 9th to the 7th millennium BC, which are the first findings of this period in the Aegean. The fact that the findings of the cave have given a complete picture of the culture and lifestyle of prehistoric man, through the oddities involved.

Access: The cave of the Cyclops can only be done by boat from Alonissos or any other island in the Sporades.