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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Greek Beaches and Sea

At Chalkidiki tents and caravans, camping and apartments near the water, sandy beaches, pine forests and vineyards,

Chalkidiki coastal settlements wildly structured and always busy, big hotels, beach bar, families and couples, foreigners and Thessalonians with any kind of budget to spend even to ... Casino: ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this year in Sithonia of Halkidiki!

In recent years the "discovered" the German tourists who walked every summer from end to end and the Karras highlighted with the famous hotel complex near the New Marble and vineyards that span thousands of acres. H history, little of which has been unearthed by archaeologists, lost in the centuries since the founding of Chalkis Galipsos, the Toroni, Sarti, Siggos the following in the footsteps of prehistoric people .

The aesthetic of the seventies is still dominating the settlements were built on the coastline, filled with rooms and taverns.

The beaches and pine forests that have suffered from both fires remain the main reason why the Sithonia comes to planning summer vacations, camping offer alternatives to those who want to keep the budget low and high the "morale" the beach bar are an incentive for younger people.

Western side of Sithonia is full of sandy beaches and hotels. It has however two of the prettiest villages - the old Nikiti and the Parthenon.
We always start from the bustling coastal Nikiti and left detour from the main road you will see the old village has been designated as historic settlement. Through the green hidden stone houses built from 1830 onwards, two streams that converge. In the old square with three fountains there is a small oinopantopoleio and tavern.

Aniforizontas the main path to reach the highest point and you will see before you the great church of Saint Victory, the courtyard where you view around the village. It was built in 1867, upon delivery to the point where there was a Turkish konaki or tower burned-and then developed around the village. Attached is the beautiful chapel of the Virgin Koimiseos with a few 17th-century frescoes and a wooden temple.

Left on the promenade behind the camping «George", a road leads to the excavation of an early Christian basilica Sophronius of the oldest of Makedonias (mid-5th century). The chapel of St. George located nearby, also built over an early Christian basilica. Continue south for the next approximately 15 km wide asphalt drive in the turns and the sea having several options to beaches: the Ai-Yiannis, the Castro, Koviou the beach, the famous Kalogria with green water, fine sand and beach bar, the adjacent Swords, the vast beach of live where there are many hotels, Lagomantra in Tripotamo.