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Chania Archaeological Museum


Greece Travel Guide|Museums

Chania Archaeological Museum in the former Catholic church of St. Francis, the 16th century,Αρχαιολογικό-Μουσείο-Χανίων.jpg

Chania Archaeological Museum situated at the center of the town at 30 Halidon Street and is the most magnificent religious building in the whole area of ​​Chania!
Beside the temple there was a Franciscan monastery monks. The Turks converted the monastery into a mosque in 1645, of which still remain the foundations of the minaret and a beautiful Turkish fountain in the courtyard of the building.

The Greeks in 1913 transformed it into a theater and cinema, while the Germans used it in 1941 as a store of military equipment, but fortunately leaving the blow!

Housed since 1963 in the Venetian church of San Francesco. Houses finds from the area of ​​Chania. Based on the chronology presented in displays, exhibits of ceramics, lapidary, seals, creations of sculpture, jewelry and coins. Also, mosaic floors of Roman occupation. The museum includes collections from the Neolithic, Minoan, Geometric, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods, which give enough information about lifestyle changes over the course of years.
The building was abandoned to its fate until 1968 when it was converted into a museum after an extensive maintenance. The museum houses a rich collection of archaeological findings from the Chania area from the Neolithic period to Roman times.
The most impressive exhibits are the most beautiful Roman mosaics from the 3rd century AD, statues of the classical era, Minoan pottery and clay tablets with texts in Linear A and Linear B script.
Inside the museum you will find a very informative booklet with texts and pictures.