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Demetra the Goddness


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Demetera is one of the largest and oldest goddesses of the ancient Greek pantheon.

Demetera was daughter of Cronus and Rhea, sister of Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Hera and Hestia. Goddess of fertility and vegetation soil, protector of the earth and its products, cereals mother (wherefrom its name), especially cereals.

The birth of Demetera as the sister-dated to the first years of theogony and accurate to the time when Saturn, the son of Heaven, claimed and occupied by force the power of the world.

The fate of the blonde and beautiful daughter of Rhea, the light that came in was hard. The small Demeter-like-brothers came to the stomach and heartless father was released only when the younger brother of Zeus with a trick of the trick succeeded.
The goddess Demeter as significantly different from other female deities. Smart and attractive, had renounced the authority of the divine dwelling. There never lived on Mount Olympus, but in particular for her dedicated temples, close to those who believed and worshiped.

The goddess of agriculture, to distant discreet, modest and quite shy, very early had won the sympathy and goodwill of the other Olympian gods. The capabilities, qualifications and the value had by all recognized, and the personality and character of the required special-treatment approach, placing special understanding and respect.

Demeter, the sentimental area, was one of the prime akatadektes hard and goddesses. Although he was very closed and rigid to "believe", however in love with shocks do not succumb easily, even when the candidates were very worthy lovers.
Jupiter and Neptune were two of the small number of known and aspiring conquerors of. Both the persistently chased and finally managed to seduce applying various deceptive tricks.

Zeus was the first of the two brothers who tried to win. Although Demeter fell in love once, and not craved not so besieged as Hera. The conscious and constant resistance of his sister made him think of the tricks to cheat. Transformed into a bull managed to outwit and from their union came Persephone, the monakrivi and beloved daughter of Demeter.

Another legend says that the repulsion terms Demeter forced him to grab and raped her and then as a token of repentance to fly in the bosom of the genitals of a ram in the meantime had castrate. Demeter accepted after this operation, the remorse of his brother and after ten months revealed Persephone, "product" of union with the father of the gods.

Neptune was the second of two brothers who attacked cerium sexual purposes. The goddess in order to avoid it turned into a mare and hid in flocks Onkiou son of Apollo. Neptune, brilliant as he was not slow to perceive the trick. Without losing any time transformed into a horse, and took up the chase with her. One daughter (who was not permitted to pronounce her name) and a horse with black mane (Arion) were the fruits of their love smiximatos.

Demeter after the behavior of his brother he felt betrayed and cheated. Unable to stifle her anger, she became vindictive goddess who washed up by hatred and the fury of the waters of the river Ladon and renamed Lucia.

The Olympian goddess, beyond the love of smiximo with two brothers, accept and love a young mortal, whom he loved passionately. At the wedding of Cadmus and Harmony Demeter saw the handsome Jason and immediately fell in love. Without inhibitions and shyness gave him his marriage and ruts three times a well-plowed field was delivered in his arms. After their sexual union, Demeter and Jason returned to secular gathering with obvious signs of the act. Mud in the arms and legs all have to realize the incident and very angry. Especially Zeus who did not like the goddesses to mingle with mortals, reacted violently to the association; lightning Jason, and after some time came to light the seed of Jason from his association with Demeter, the little Wealth. The death of Jason was not the only evil that knew Demeter by Zeus. Even greater calamity came when the monakrivi lost daughter, Persephone, after a secret agreement between Jupiter and Pluto.

Persephone was a sweet girl, glamorous and above all beautiful. The youth, the glow and freshness of charmed everyone who sees it and many were those who wanted to conquer. Unmoved by the distinct appearance of qualifications could not stay nor the god of the underworld, who from the first moment he wanted to make her his wife.

Respecting even their close family members who were tied with Demeter, first came into contact with Jupiter in order to consult and then decided to apagagei.Kapote Persephone had come out to play along with the daughters of Uranus in a meadow full of flowers . As he was running full of joy here and there, picking violets, lilies and hyacinths, suddenly saw a beautiful flower that really drew the attention; was a narcissistic, brought one hundred flowers and its fragrance spread all over the meadow. The existence of this dazzling flower was not random for that day. His presence in this meadow was a product of the trickery of the goddess Gaia who wanted to help Pluto planepsei beautiful niece.

The youngest daughter of Demeter serving the purposes of Gaia was not at all indifferent toward this extraordinary spectacle; particularly fascinated by the glitter of the flower, he wanted to get it and for this reason brought with her two hands to touch in order to eradicate . Upon doing, the earth opened and sprang out of her Pluto with his golden chariot and horses of the immortal. In vain his daughter tried to resist the abduction. The god of the underworld, hard as he was not moved forward in tears and entreaties of. He grabbed her by force, boarding the chariot and led to the endless dark kingdom. Throughout the journey Persephone cried heartbreaking voice and trying to make visible the kidnapping, but it was very difficult. The speed of the horses as the great distance and the chaos that separates the two worlds and facilitate the disclosure of the incident. Only Demeter was able to get the echo of her voice and her daughter was not timely.

Demeter was a loyal and devoted mother to her daughter. Tender and sweet, he had for Persephone a particular weakness was reflected in their relationship.

When Pluto abducted Persephone, Demeter really upset. The heartbreaking voice of her daughter who came to the ears made you worry, take action. Ripped the cover of her head, took away the ornaments, put a black veil as a sign of mourning and poured out to look. Ran for days over land and seas in search of her. For a week or none of revealed truth and no omen had not been revealed. It was getting frustrated ...

Vastontas lighted torches, Demeter was still wandering the alert, and alousti theonistiki. Although visibly tired, not abandoned its efforts, but continues the quest determined.

On the ninth day he meets the road of Hecate. This informs that she managed to hear the harrowing voices of Persephone, but that does not know the reason or the offender. Coming into contact with the desperate mother Hecate sensitive and willing to help; the proposed, even to go to the Sun because it was the only one who as a spy of gods and humans, could reveal the truth.

The sun in front of the visit of justified paid mother is left untouched. Faced with the anguish, the universe and decides to reveal the perpetrator of the abduction. Naming Pluto as an actor and as a responsible yet blames Zeus because he gave his permission and consent, to get his wife the beautiful Persephone. In addition to revealing that the facility provided by Zeus the god of the underworld was mainly the position of Pluto and its substance and did not consider him no despicable husband.

Demeter hear the words of Sun indignant and decides not to return to Olympus to ask for explanations. The comforting words of God shining the most stubborn and adamant about to continue his explorations. During the wanderings of one can not recognize it. The fatigue and exhaustion had altered the divine status so that no one and nothing can not perceive.

Sometime after great street hurt the mother arrives at Eleusis, near the palace of the king of smart Keleou. The goddess sits worn next to the well of the Virgin, under an olive tree, a little rest. There is faced with four daughters Keleou (the Kallidiki, the Kleisidiki, Dimo ​​and the Kallithoi) who had gone to the well with pitchers to get their water. To no apparent Demeter transformed into venerable old woman and asks the help of four girls. The girls watching the plight of the old woman pitied and willing to help her; the call at the palace but the first request some information about its origin. Demeter did not deny a proposal - asking the girls, but determined not to reveal its true self, skarfizetai a fairytale tells them that her name is Dido and that comes from Crete. They also shows that once seized the pirates to sell it but failed to do; Thoriko close to getting them escaped and one unknown for this street disappeared, so little stray came to these parts without the sun and having fate in dire need of support and help ...

The four daughters Keleou touched by the story of Gerontissa and having already gotten from the same or more information about the qualifications of around housework and raising children, they decide to get together and to support it.

On the way, the beautiful daughter of Keleou the Kallidiki undertakes to possible questions about the foreign area. Presents the city, the great houses of the country and assures for no other easy accommodation and work in one of them. She also says that her parents, now in their old age, have acquired a guy who definitely need extra care from a qualified woman.

Arriving at the palace of the four girls leave for awhile the Goddess and run to tell their mother about the incident. That listening very carefully to the stories around what the Gerontissa consent to help her and sends her daughters to their cry. The girls run out to Demeter happy, get it an