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Dionysus the God


Greece Travel Guide|Ancient greece

In Greek mythology, except the twelve gods of Olympus, considered the most important, there were other gods who were not resident in this divine mountain. One of them was the god Dionysus.

Dionysus was the most jovial of the gods and the most loved people. Like Prometheus gave them fire or Asclepius the first foundations of medicine, so Dionysus offered them the vine and wine.

And it was dear to the gods. Besides, had helped several times. Precious was the participation of himself and his comrades in the battle given by gods against the Giants. All gods respected him, but great gratitude was especially Hera, because he alone, of all the gods, persuaded her son, Hephaestus, to return to Olympus and to liberate from the shackles of.
The merry god then traveled and visited many countries and states to teach people how to cultivate the vines and how to make the fruits of the wine.

Of course, as the god of joy and fun, not traveling alone. Followed by a noisy crowd. The crowd that saw women who danced with furious manner, the Maenads, as saying, and strange beings were people and animals together. These Satyrs and Silenus said.
Faithful followers of the God They head with him on long journeys. I headed Dionysus crossed Egypt, Libya and other countries in Africa. Then they went and Asia, the Arabs, the Lydians, the Phrygians, eventually reaching India, where the most daring navigators failed to arrive.
Elsewhere welcomed the friendly, fun, or else to treat them as enemies. But always there was the kindness of Dionysus and his companions. Soon reconciled with the residents, they learned how to cultivate the vine.

The lovely drink that was treating God scattered everywhere fun. He made people forget their worries and their faces painted smile.

Where high jinks began passing and not heard anything other than the cheerful sounds of musical instruments and lively songs.
How then do not these people worshiped the god? And it was a god, although his mother was a mortal, Semele, daughter of King Cadmus of Thebes. Dionysus, however, acquired immortality, which separates the gods from the mortals, and because he was the father of Jupiter, but more because he was born of God the second time.

Strange as it may sound, Dionysus was born twice. When Zeus sagineftike the virginal beauty of Semele, approached her and joined her. The fruit of their union was Dionysus.

The jealous Hera, however, was not to leave too unforgivable infidelity of her husband. Blinded by jealousy and thirsting for revenge, appeared to Semele and convinced her sly way to ask her lover to appear, not as a god with a human form, as he appeared before her. This will prove that he loves her really.

Naive and unsuspecting daughter of Cadmus, the next time I visited Jupiter in pride, asked him to take his divine form. Zeus tried in vain to the words of love to convince. Bending in front of the persistence appeared majestic, bright in all the heavenly glory. But it was impossible not bear the hapless mortal the flash of lightning and the lightning are ejected from his hands. While the flames enveloped Zeus rescued the infant was in her womb and sewed in his thigh.

When completed nine months, Dionysus reborn from the foot of the divine father. The king of the immortals knew very well that the jealous husband will be quickly turned her anger to the newborn child. So Hermes commissioned its safe-keeping. He delivered it to her sister Semele, the Ino. The cunning but Hera sent a madness on Ino and her husband and began to mercilessly kill their children.

The goddess I hope so too will kill Dionysus, but the winged god have time and saved the little Dionysus trusted and this time the Nymphs. They raised him with great affection, in the forest where they lived. Indeed, nowhere else we could not imagine growing up the god of the vine, rather than in an idyllic landscape with trees and colorful flowers.

There never met people. And when the king Lycurgus disturbed the tranquility of the pet chasing nymphs, Dionysus katatromazontas, hard punished by Zeus, who blinded him. So it was always tough punishment for all those people who conspire against the god Dionysus.
At the same bad luck and had some Tyrrhenian pirates who captured the god. When they saw a new and robust so beautiful, it is believed that some noblemen or even king. Happy with the thought that will reap much ransom to release him, tried to tie him up with heavy chains, but to do it; a small movement that God blew over him. The foolish mortals, however, continued their efforts.

Only the helmsman of the boat tried to restore them to their senses: "I do not see how foolish it is god? Not afraid of punishment? May be even Poseidon, who will avenge us throwing our ship in a wild storm. The best we have to do is leave him free. "

The captain and the others do not agree to let them leave "such a treasure." At that time began to flow in the boat red wine that stunned the heavenly scent of the sailors. At the same time became a vine wrapped around the mast and spreads her juicy grapes loaded with branches all over the boat. While watching the bemused sailors, is another miracle before their eyes: the handsome young man who wanted to capture transformed into a ferocious lion that roars do his sailors to jump into the sea to escape. All Dionysus transformed into dolphins and only the helmsman did not matter for the reward of prudence.

As we saw, Dionysus was loved and adored by the people because they knew the great taste of wine. They say he was first revealed to the king of Aetolia, the Oineas. The shepherd, the Stafylos, had found a strange plant full of fruits and excited by their taste and brought the king to thank him. The Oineas estypse the juicy fruit and enjoy the rich juice. Since Dionysus named this wine and juice grapes from the fruit's name tsopani.Panta thyrsos with one hand and a container of wine in the other cities periigountan. Where he found hospitable and cheerful people, learn how to make wine. This happened with the people of Icaria, in Attica, who received him with enthusiasm. Shortly before leaving their home, advised the king to keep the Icarian well made wine. He did not follow his advice - "what harm can come from such a pleasant drink!" he thought.

The shepherds of one day, they found the barrels and drank so much wine drunk and began to treat me brutally. Having lost their senses Icarian killed and his daughter Irigoni the heartache of suicide.

Residents of Ikaria especially honored the god Dionysus; in this very area cultivated the dithyramb, a hymn to the god, who composed the musician Arion. Indeed, they added something new. In this musical anthem lyrics added. And because this composition sung by the people disguised as Satyrs tragomorfous, called the tragedy.

Of course, worship the god of the vine were in many other areas. Those who were present in these events should be actively involved drinking wine and dancing under the influence of intoxication. Those who refused were enemies of God and drew the wrath.

So, tragically found Pentheus who wanted to secretly monitor orgiastic celebrations. The Maenads, one of which was his mother, in the fury that had occupied, rushed upon him and katasparaxan.Epimona refused to take part in religious ceremonies daughters of King Minos, the king as Proetos. Infected Dionysus made them lose their senses. Others say that the mania that gripped the young daughters of Proetos cause was Hera.

Hard Dionysus appears Punisher's enemies and to those who are opposed to the way of worship. Yet generous benefactor to those who honor him and thank him.

When King Midas hosted the teacher, the old Silenus, who had lost, he agreed to fulfill his desire to please him. The greedy Midas may be asked what gets to turn into gold. Soon found that poor guy would be fabulously rich, but would die of hunger and thirst. The bread to eat touched turned to gold and the water we wanted to drink in golden drops. Penitent asked God to make him as before and Dionysus who said he was sorry if you bathe in the waters of the river a large sum will get rid of his torment.

The god of the feast had many love affairs, like the other gods. The women in his life had a different position: safety pins were when he was small, and companions of f nonstop celebrations.

Once in love with the beautiful Ariadne, when Dionysus saw her sleeping calm and serene, looking like a goddess. The daughter of Minos with Theseus returned to Athens from Crete. Waking one morning Ariadne on Naxos sees that her partner left and left. Without knowing it she had come Dionysus dream of Theseus and with threats forced him to leave to make his own the wonderful news.

As Dionysus was all alone in the deserted island, appeared as a savior god in front of her young, stocky, crowned with ivy leaves as usual. After their marriage took place, threw the chariot of the god of the sky.

On earth people thanking him for the divine gift of peace of mind and that they share generously. The celebrations in honor of the feast was an unrelenting, where all drunk and sang. In this way trying to communicate with their dear god.