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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Dojra Lake


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Nature

If you open a map and take a look at the north end of Greece to sort out the small blue spot resting on the line delineating the border with FYROM.

Dojran is one of the most beautiful lakes north of the Greek, with an area of ​​42.8 km and a maximum depth of 8 meters. The third belongs to Greece, while the rest of the FYROM. The snowy mountains of Beles mountain blocking the horizon to the northeast and is overshadowed by the strong presence of the beautiful scenery.

The lake is created stem geophysical processes and possibly remnant of the old lake Paionia reached the 130,000 acres. The basin is fed by springs at the bottom, but also from the surrounding mountain streams coming from the Beles mountains and percussion. Waters have been identified around 18 species, with the main carp, the sheatfish, the platitsa and perch, and nest here or seeking temporary shelter 36 species of rare birds in the most important of these Pygmy (Phalarocorax pygmeus), the Glossy Ibis ( Plegadis falcinellus) and Pelican (Pelecanus Crispus), species recognized as endangered world under Greek Biotope - Wetland (EKBY) and the Greek Ornithological Society.

The people of Thessaloniki and other cities of Central Macedonia, to get this far will not have to spend more than 100 km. So the weekend is more than adequate for such an excursion. Around the shores of Dojran there are several villages, mainly in the territory of Macedonia. The area is easily accessed from the highway that connects the second largest office of Evzones. The unique waterside village on the Greek side of Dojran is the namesake village that abstains from Kilkis only 28 kilometers. There is also the customs post. There are gas stations, 5-6 tavernas with fresh fish limnisio, a traditional coffee shop that seems to have forgotten that time (it belongs to the community) and a small, brand-new hotel to serve more guests.

Point out its neighborhoods of the village, the lake waters have been shot several hundred feet, the reeds are dry and the trees are few. The dramatic reduction of water, mainly due to intensive pumping and the prolonged drought in 1988, when "opened" channel to channel of water and watered the plain of Thessaloniki and continued until early 2000. Fortunately, most recently, the situation has stabilized, but the risk to the lake ecosystem remains, as yet Doirani accepts agricultural waste. The rational management of interstate water resources Doirani needs long-term planning. Otherwise it is assumed that it will shrink and disappear from future maps.

Greek territory asphalt road is a perimeter of the lake, which connects the village to the site Dojran "Thousand Trees" and the other villages in the southwestern touching endings of trouble.

This is the most pleasant things you can do. Of course, if you enjoy walking along the riverside paths will end up on lakeshores, but do not care to get to know ... Skopje ground! The forest in the "Thousand Trees" which occupies an area of ​​approximately 600 acres located near the village of mulberry and declared "Monument", and composed of centenarian oaks and ash, alder trees and very elderly, and together with the lakeside area has been included Network «Natura 2000».