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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Dragons Cave


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Nature

Dragons cave is located on the north side of town to the lake area near the monastery of Panagia Mavriotissa.

Dragons Cave is characterized by its impressive decor includes drippers 7ypogeies lakes, 10 rooms and 5 corridors The largest room has dimensions 4517 square meters and over all time has a constant temperature around 18 degrees Celsius with humidity of 90%.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Dragon's cave is one of the most spectacular caves recovered in Greece with important findings attesting to human presence and the unique fossils of cave bear, whose age is estimated at 10,000 years.

To travelers and scientific interest intensified further with the myth of the existence of a dragon living in the interior of the cave and in recent centuries has given food for many myths that breed in the area. Although for some time had suspended the operation, now you can visit most days of the week and travel to the myth and reality.

The Dragon's cave in Kastoria is one of the most modern Balkan caves, equipped with the most advanced systems for recycling air and maintaining the balance of the climate, according to the newspaper "Kathimerini".

Among other things, the cave has installed electronic system that controls the movement of the rocks at home in order to be updated at any time for geological changes.

They have made special trips appropriately designed with respect for the environment and a floating bridge from which one can see the seven lakes in the cave.

"It's the only cave in Greece with freshwater lakes. This is because of the proximity to Lake Kastoria "explained the mayor.

The Dragon Cave was discovered in 1940 by residents of Kastoria and took its name from its entrance in the form of oral dragon.

Followed by exploration and mapping of the cave in 1954, 1963, 1967 and 1977 while the first effort to develop the site of entry in 1985.

Also, inside the cave bear bones discovered in the caves where the age is estimated at 10,000 years.