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Early Christian Catacombs in Milos


Greece Travel Guide|Archeological places

Early Christian Catacombs in Milos

This unique funerary monument and the oldest Christian monument of our country, through which the Holy Synod proclaimed the sacred island of Melos in 2009. Located near the village Tripiti, in caves 150 meters above the sea.

The catacombs were the gathering place of the first Christians and the first community cemetery in the late second century, though the inscriptions that have survived show that burials continued until the late fifth century.

The catacombs ceased to be used with the institutionalization of religious tolerance and the devastating earthquake that forced residents to leave the ancient city of Klima the 5th-6th AD century. In their current form are a cluster of three large underground tunnels, which are communicating with each other by artificial channels, built during the restoration and maintenance work. Inside you will see the carved tombs in the walls and floor, covered by rough and anisomegetheis plates. Admission is open daily.