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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Easter Rocket War on Chios


Greece Travel Guide|Annual Events

Famous for the Easter Rocket War and the mastic,Chios Island has many more beautiful and impressive sights, both visitors and residents

North of the city of Chios, Chios Town is located, the second largest city in the county. Here reside the majority of captains and sailors of the island and are kept on the evening of Holy Saturday, the custom of the rocket - the rocket war as usually called-has its roots in the years of Turkish occupation.

In Rocket War, the two rival groups representing the churches of Saint Mark and Panagia Erythianis and fly over 60,000 rockets in the opposite church steeple. The goal for Panagousous (Panagia parishioners Erithiani) is the dome and the lion of St. Mark (the emblem of St. Mark in hagiography over the main gate of the temple) and the goal of Agiomarkouson (parishioners of St. Mark's) is the watch Panagia Erithiani.

Initially, residents of both parishes, they made homemade cannons, and over time they became self-made rockets, fireworks, they manufacture themselves. The preparation of the rocket begins almost immediately after Easter to be ready next year. In recent years the quantity of rockets manufactured reach the thousands and the spectacle presented in the spring sky in the evening of Easter is truly spectacular. So more and more people are choosing to spend their Easter on the island to enjoy this unique spectacle.

This year, as part of festivities to Rocket War, an exhibition of objects and photographs, while projections are made and on the custom and course of the year, the City Store Vrontados from Palm Sunday to New Wednesday.
On Saturday the teams have been formed in advance and have specific names, are alert to the latest preparations and set up bases and launch the rockets are test "shots" to the correct target. Also expected are the "banter" between the teams with enough humor and challenges.

On Saturday night Easter night, the warning whistle of a horn, start the "hostilities". When you hit the bells for the Divine Liturgy of the Resurrection, they stop to help the faithful to go to church and listening to the "Risen Christ" made ​​the climax of the battle.

Hundreds of rockets fired by the opposing sides, offering a spectacular sight, filling the sky illuminated by the trajectories of the rockets, making night and day.

On Easter Sunday, participants control their losses, making the autopsy of a parish in the other, bold banter about who is the winner and with no sure answer. It is said that the "war" that there are no losers.

Here is the "reconciliation" of opponents and close the new appointment for the next year with triumphant love and friendship.

Known to those who have not visited for Easter Rocket War tradition of the nautical tradition and the mastic, the Chios is an island that has much to offer visitors, and its inhabitants.

Is very close to the coast of Asia Minor, is an island in the Aegean Sea and is the fifth largest island in Greece with a population that lives in the city and harbor of Chios, and in 64 villages.

In the center of the east side, facing the Asia Minor coast, lies the city of Chios, the Country for locals, with 30,000 residents. The history of the city over the 3,000 years and the long period, has experienced periods of prosperity and decline, and received many influences from invaders. This is so far the most important port, and a remarkable spiritual, educational, commercial and cultural center for the entire North Aegean.

The famous Plain of Chios, also called fragrant because the spring is filled with aromas of citrus and flowers. Large estates and impressive self Genoese mansions, pebbled courtyards with elaborate cisterns and blooming gardens, create unique images. Also, the medieval past of the island terrain depicted in the monuments that have survived from this period, both in town and villages, which are detected elements Byzantine, Genoese and Venetian.