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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Places to visit

Edessa and the surrounding area is a must for anyone who wants to know travel experiences

Who would not want to visit the place where Menelaus Loudemis called "the step in which God stands to ascend to heaven?"

Mountainous Pella attracts the traveler who wants to enjoy natural beauty and archaeological and historic heritage. Flooding of life and vitality is Edessa, with the famous Niagara rivers, waters, natural environment and traditional windmills, ideal base for trips to the north-Ski "Pella" (45 km), one of the highest peaks of Greek, the airfield (26 km) one of the first in Greece and most recognized in Europe, speedway Moto Cross (26 km), the balneotherapy centers (32 km) to the hot metal in Loutraki, Ancient Edessa in Logos (3 km ), with sections of the medieval wall and the Monastery of the Holy Trinity (19th century). and two lakes stocks of nature, the wetlands Agra-island-Vryton (6 km) and Vegoritida (22 km).

The geographical location and natural beauty of the area are excellent points for the development of tourism. You can feel the village life, relaxing and enjoying local dishes along with many local traditional events organized by local residents throughout the year. Tradition and local produce such as honey, fruit, sweets, cheese cop, "tsouskes" peppers, raki, pasta and bring you close to village life and the countryside. Experience an unforgettable weekend in one of the agrotourism and combine your holidays in consultation with the calendar of local events.

We recommend the cherry festival held each June by local people dealing with different products than the cherry (sweet, fruit sauces, traditional liquers etc.) for many years.

The area has several hotels of all categories, amazing traditional lodgings, and rooms with very reasonable prices. Decide to escape the Mountainous Pella, and add this ... travel experience to your collection.

The local cuisine has its own color and our suggestion is to try the "Tsompleki." Called Tsoumleki or Tsomleki and was one of the official food of Edesseos usually at Christmas, Easter, various celebrations, and of course in any particular case. Bear in mind that the mountain locals ate very little and worked for it and were healthy.
It consists of meat and vegetables (peppers, leeks, eggplant, zucchini, onion, plum and others. The preparation method is the placement of materials in an earthen pot, known locally as "Lakfitsa", which is sealed with a ceramic lid closes with dough. The Tsompleki will find restaurants and taverns.