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Egon Museum of Royal Tombs


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With the discovery of royal tombs at Vergina in 1977, immediately began the maintenance of the famous murals that decorated them.

In parallel, an on-site laboratory maintenance on rescue and rehabilitation of highly significant findings contained mobile. To protect the royal tombs built in 1993 Boxing basement building and protecting ancient monuments, by maintaining temperature and humidity which is necessary for the preservation of the murals.

This structure has outer form earthen mound and inside out by November 1997 the treasures found in the royal tombs.

Serving the utopian dream of "perpetual" conservation, modern technology enlisted to stop the natural process of decay. The ancient object is cleaned, maintained, "restore" and exhibited to the public estranged from the primary operation. Whatever "died" and was buried following the grave of the dead, perhaps to return once again to light, but will never be what it was.

The way the report has to respect the form and character, but can only express the aesthetics of contemporary ideological needs of the intended readers. In light of these thoughts were selected for the exhibition forms strictly simple, timeless geometric and modern and neutral materials that meet the most stringent maintenance: metal, crystal, dull aluminum, synthetic glass. We used the best available to the modern international technology in museography, metal, sealed, air-conditioned self-display, crystal fiber, metal, sound-absorbing barriers, multiple electronic control systems to ensure the best possible protection and ongoing maintenance for findings, but without sacrificing atmosfairikotita had to have this report wants to address not only the logic but on emotion.

Taking as an axiom the idea that death, the past, the earth and oblivion is no shade and color, while life and memory are light and color, the initiators of this report have created a world of shadows where warm and pamfota reign artifacts and where, apart from the monuments, the only color is purple, blood hint of the royal dead. The darkness which reigns in the area generates awe, makes their voices are whispers and makes the atmosphere of the country of the dead, where visitors wander unraveling the tangle of memory.

Official Unit:
Q. Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities

PC 59031, Vergina (Imathia)

Phone: +30 23310 92347