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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Florina Fires in the snow


Greece Travel Guide|Annual Events

There are countless reasons to travel to Florina, all year round. At Christmas there is an additional reason

The "fires" of December 23 lit neighborhoods of the city and often snow-capped everything sink in a mythical haze.

The bronze drums with warm sound, so familiar in the Balkans, is the "voice" of Florina, a town with a pagan soul, Pontian origins, Vlach dances, Yugoslavia Asia Minor dialect and cuisine. But to experience first hand the city, walk to. Wear something warm, find the Liberty Avenue, the street beside the river with unusual Slavic name "Sakouleva" and not stop if you do not fill your mind colors and smells. From the river rises a cold wind makes your teeth knocking, but it will be impossible to resist this trip - there will also see the most beautiful buildings in the city (neoclassical, eclectic, makedonitikis architecture).

Some refurbished for the sake of filming made in Florina Theodoros Angelopoulos, but most are left to the ravages of time. Especially the most imposing buildings themselves have a whole story: built during the interwar period and the main characteristic is that they have in common! Each is unique, but all are characterized by symmetry and plaster ornamentation. It is usually divided into three sections with the axis of the door, made of solid baked brick, stone and wood. To form the responsible classicist style of the past combined with the innovative features of the time, ie a mixture of different architectural trends.

This neighborhood along the Sakouleva was the residential core of the city until the mid 19th century, the mainstay of urban organization. The customary Sunday afternoon and began the walk Sarantaporou (at the beginning of the walkway) and reached the Spiliadou (vertical of Alexander the Great, after the Prespa). Is still the most beautiful ride of Florina and the most beautiful part of which retains an atmosphere Angelopoulos film.

The walk to the river of Florina has not only sights and smells is. Is the paint pouring from dozens of workshops for artists of the city. Florina has a long tradition in the arts, and will understand your every step. After Athens and Thessaloniki is the only city with such history and evolution in art. The first were local artists who worked on Mount Athos and when they returned to Florina refined their art. It is no coincidence that originated in Florina Annex of the School of Fine Arts, although the locals fought for several years to accomplish.

For argument's sake, visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, located in the building start, a renovated neoclassical building at Tagmatarhou Fouledaki 8. The museum has a long history. The first stone for the creation of art lovers was the roof, which was founded in 1975 by artists and art lovers citizens. In 1977 the sculptor Dimitri Squid with the help of the painter Koulis Solid, brings together 21 works by great artists (Gikas Mytaras Morali, etc.) and display them in one room of the Agricultural College which begins to function as a museum. In 1978 the works moved to his home and sought Kalamara space housing the Museum of Contemporary Art, whose collection now has 63 projects.

At the same time organized symposia in order not to lose the "touch" the world with the House of art lovers. In 1979 the collection finds its home in the street Temelkou Sakouleva where he remained 13 years, hosting and significant periodic reports. The building was moved in 1992 Gounaris numbering 153 works. In 1995 he acquired two additional valuable collections: the "Tribute to Greco" with 137 projects and 44 engravings collection of artists in Florence. Today the collection numbers over 600 works from the Museum of Contemporary Art hosts various art exhibitions, book presentations and symposia organized by art. It is one of the most important in Greece and has a very valuable library, which comprises 6,000 titles visual interest. The aisle is amazing, and apart from the exhibition halls there is a coffee and reading.

Florina artists The gallery was founded in 1985 by the House of art lovers, like the Museum of Contemporary Art if the aim was to operate independently. The "Home art lovers" was unequivocal: the Art Gallery should only displays the work of local artists - and succeeded. About 200 works of great artists of Florina are now in the collection, including works by Koulis Solids, Tamoutseli, Squid, Milossi, Lucy, Bessie and 24 other artists. The collection is enriched and then occasionally hosts and other reports.
The Alexander is shopping street of the city and the second Hamlets after the river. Marching in the street, we see a series of old buildings: the Courts, City Hall, the old Prefecture, the boarding school and the old building of National Bank in 1930. Nearby is the cafe 'International', built around 1925 on the ground floor of the eponymous hotel has a great story because in it hosted celebrities and was one of the best in Greece and the Balkans at that time
The high-ceilinged space with a black floor is the same and identical for years. Frames count as centuries of life and the great mirror of 1924. The café is now famous as the hangout was Theo Angelopoulos and the backdrop to several films. The "International" continues the course of normal despite the spotlight that fell on him: open from the morning and close after the afternoon coffee. Younger people, especially students, prefer coffee in the square and pedestrian Modi of Pavlos Melas. There you will see many modern style coffee, which is usually filled.

Behind the National Bank operates and the Municipal Market, "The Bazaar". The old market of Florina was near the building of Aristotle, but because of the great flood of 1929 moved to its present position. The path that ran had the shape of "P" in the middle was a large pit with touloumpa (water pump). The current market was built in 1971 although the last was in good condition.
Florina: Fires in the snow

Worth a visit for shopping and it is Wednesday and Saturday the variety of products is extremely interesting. The day is coming women, local producers, with genuine products floriniotikis land and sometimes with their traditional costumes from the axis Watchtower Polypotamos and Ydrousa and sell the goodies from around the county. Whether you want to buy something or not, get people to live in this souk, feel the smells, the voices and the bargaining, the colors of all sorts.

The cycle ride ends with a visit to the cafe of Nasos for an ouzo under the old photos of Florina and large rebetes that adorn the walls. Brass and rebetika come from the small tape recorder and the walls are paintings that capture the shaky from drinking, hand painter Manolis Polymers.