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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Gorge of Samaria


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Nature

Many people who visit the island just to do this route and try to cross the gorge of Samaria at Crete.

Those wishing to cross the gorge of Samaria at Crete island should reach the entrance:Omalos Plateau, preferably with an organized tour, not to have contingencies.

For those not familiar with the area: There is a suitable vehicle to return the same day through the canyon.

The course starts: Exit from Chania to Kissamos and then follow the branch to Alikianos. Arriving in Alikianos on the main road to the right, and we see the cute little church of St. George with frescoes of 1430 (the painter Paul sheep). Almost in a garden opposite the ruins of the Venetian tower Damolino.
Worth to see the Byzantine church of St. John, with beautiful frescoes of different periods (before entering the village "Koufos").

Continuing on the main road to Omalos, meet the village Fournes. In Hellenistic and Roman city existed, whose name has not yet been determined ...
Pass by the historic village of Lakki, which is the birthplace of Chief General Hatzimichali Giannaris, and reach Omalos, since the route meet quite a few secluded taverns (for those hungry), with fabulous food and traditional Chaniotika pies.

The Gorge of Samaria entrance is famous because is the largest in Europe! Prepares us for the amazing journey that will go through. From this point we observe here and there the tall cliffs that rise right and left, the more likely you are to get lucky and see a Kri-Kri!

On the way into the canyon there are two sources and the abandoned village "Samaria" Impressive are the places where the canyon narrows to 3 to 4 meters, the so-called "Doors". Along the canyon flora and fauna is rich, while bird lovers will have the opportunity to see some of the rarest species.

After tiring ... but experience the descent of the gorge of Samaria, a cold bath in salt, crystal clear waters of Agia Roumeli will compensate you!