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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Greek Mountains

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Mountains in Greece

Discover the Greek nature

Vitsi and Korestia   Behind the mountains of Vitsi, between Florina and Kastoria, lies a special world, ambient, a natural setting where human history has left its own indelible imprint.Vitsi and Korestia
Tzoumerka   Tzoumerka is an earthly paradise in the Pindos you must seeTzoumerka
Tsagarada   Tsagarada is the perfect place to come close to the natureTsagarada
Tree of 2400 years old   The tree in Krassi Malia aged 2400 years and was there before Jesus bornTree of 2400 years old
The Farm Enagron Psiloritis Crete   We are located in the mountainous Mylopotamos Crete, the prefecture of Rethymnon, in Axos village, built at an altitude of 550 mThe Farm Enagron Psiloritis Crete
The City of Feneos   Western Corinthia is the area of Feneos, characterized by landscapes in paintings and pictures of Switzerland, with sights and natural beauties, and its distance from Athens makes a tempting destination for short trips.The City of Feneos
The bridge in Tsioukari Rodochori   petrina Dipla the bridge on the opposite bank of Pramoritsa-as it comes from someone Rodochori-there is the archaeological site of The bridge in Tsioukari Rodochori
Stone-build Bridges at Kastoria   The stone bridges are directly connected with the image of Kastoria and are masterpieces of traditional architecture.Stone-build Bridges at Kastoria
Samarina    Samarina remote villages hidden in mountains and forests, rivers plangent, shady ravines, snow-capped peaks. Samarina
Konitsa   Konitsa is a regional center for many small villages in the surrounding area, but also the base for those wishing to explore the nature and the mountains of Pindos, or engage in activities in the mountain.Konitsa
Katogi Averof Hotel in Metsovo   Glasses filled with wine, artwork everywhere, grape flavors, lighted fireplaces and high quality service characterize the ambiance of the hotel. Katogi Averof Hotel in Metsovo
Kastanitsa   Kastanitsa Arcadia is a sign mark the chestnut Kastanitsa
Gorge Assopos   Gorge Assopos is one of the most beautyfull gorge in EuropeGorge Assopos
Canyons of Greece   Visit the best Canyons of Greece and enjoy the best mountain fresh airCanyons of Greece
Vikos Gorge in Epirus   Vikos Gorge in Epirus is well known as The «Grand Canyon» Greece Vikos Gorge in Epirus