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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Greek Nature

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Greek Nature is fantastic, just go outsite and enjoy life

Greece is known for its rich natural environment and the unique beauty of its landscapes. The peculiarity of the Greek nature is its diversity (geological, morphological, petrological, environmental), the result of combining such factors as geographical location, a wide range of climatic types, the existence of a large mountain ranges, long coastline and seclusion of different habitats, which allowed to appear rich natural environment. Indeed, the fauna and flora of Greece's great. Has at least 1,000 endemic species, ie species found only within the territory of Greece, in addition, Greece has the richest flora in Europe.

Valley of the Butterflies at Rhode island   Valley of the Butterflies at Rhode island is an area of ​​outstanding natural beauty, located just 5 km from Parikia,Valley of the Butterflies at Rhode island
The Farm of Achladeri the Gulf of Kalloni   The Farm of Achladeri the Gulf of Kalloni is the first organic farm in Greece, and has 20,000 trees in the program of organic farming.The Farm of Achladeri the Gulf of Kalloni
Smokovo Spa   The natural hot springs Smokovou located 35 km. NW of Karditsa in the southern mountains at an altitude Agrafa 450m.Smokovo Spa
Rafting in Greece   Wear a helmet and life jacket, take the oars and of course ... your friends and we left for the exciting rafting rivers in Greece, in landscapes of incomparable beauty and wild vegetation, with waterfalls, canyons and clear water.Rafting in Greece
Pozar the spa of Almopia   The Pozar (Loutraki) Almopia in the province, 13 km. northwest of Pozar, in Pella. Pozar the spa of Almopia
Plastiras Lake at Karditsa   Plastiras Lake is one of the most important destinations for alternative tourism in GreecePlastiras Lake at Karditsa
Pindos National Park   The beauty of warm valley and Pindos National ParkPindos National Park
Lake of Kastoria   The lake of Kastoria lake or Orestiada, as found by the official name, is one of the most beautiful lakes in Greece and you are directly connected with the character of the town of Kastoria.Lake of Kastoria
Lake Emvias   Lake Emvia is always impresiveLake Emvias
Gorge of Samaria   Many people who visit the island just to do this route and try to cross the gorge of Samaria at Crete.Gorge of Samaria
Economic and quality vacations in Lailia Refuge in Serres   If you are looking for somewhere to make cheap vacation in a beautiful natural environment but want to make sure that you will not get bored, the Lailia place is an ideal solution.Economic and quality vacations in Lailia Refuge in Serres
Dragons Cave   Dragons cave is located on the north side of town to the lake area near the monastery of Panagia Mavriotissa.Dragons Cave
Dojra Lake   If you open a map and take a look at the north end of Greece to sort out the small blue spot resting on the line delineating the border with FYROM. Dojra Lake
Arcadian nature   The sudden changes and contrasts of the Arcadian landscape, the deep blue sky, green forest earth, the sparkle of the stone, the froth of the sea, make ideal destination Arcadia and the four seasons.Arcadian nature