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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Here the Goddness


Greece Travel Guide|Ancient greece

Hera loved, adored and honored by the ancient Greeks, the soul of which, this proud woman, she was perfectly justified.

Hera is one of the most interesting figures of the ancient Greek twelve. Daughter of Cronus and Rhea, only legal wife of Zeus, goddess of heaven, the protector of marriage and married, especially women and personification of marital loyalty.

Hera embodies the virtues and defects of the married woman. It is the faithful and loyal, affectionate and submissive to the Lord and master of the woman, but also dynamic and resourceful, fractious and grumpy, oppressive and jealous, passionate and vindictive wife. The woman who wants her husband "convict" and skarfizetai, concoct everything to keep him near her. Jealous madly, passionately hates and revenges. The jealousy, unquenchable flame of burning the insides and trivelizei mind. The revenge, foaming downloading, sweeping everything in its path. Fighting, fighting desperately for what's rightfully belongs to the object of desire.

Gay people, with banter and the source, inexhaustible humor, the ancient Greeks put a more human dimension to the deities. They imagined the wedding of Hera and Zeus, a field standing rivalry, confrontation and conflict and the king of mortal and immortal, the Nefeligeretis, astrapovolo fulminant and Jupiter, to ceaselessly haunt a jealous and vindictive wife and resorting to tricks and machinations to avoid the stormy bursts of anger.

The birth of the queen of the gods placed in Samos and in other Stymfalia or Evia. Its fate was not different from that of her sister. The merciless Cronus to swallow it, trying to fight his fate. Only when the resourceful Rea has managed to trick, deceive Cronus, Hera then, along with other siblings, xanaeide light.

After the dethronement of Saturn, Jupiter called to the marriage. She rebutted with pride. Mad love for his sister Zeus has not waived his purposes. A rainy, wintry day, as he was walking in the forest goddess, Zeus transformed into a cuckoo, who fell at the feet of unsuspecting Hera. The goddess pitied the creature misopagomeno. He bent down, took it in her arms, caressed by the gentle hand and warm to the maiden Korfos. Then the king of the gods took his true form. Magnificent, majestic, powerful and irresistible, overcame the last vitality and resistance of the goddess. Hera was defeated, subjugated, was always on his own, having first secured a "promise of marriage."

Their marriage was a divine splendor. Their life was not always happy. Rather, it was rough and turbulent, as indeed was stormy and their love.

The repeated outbursts of rage and jealousy of the goddess and the frequent quarrels between the divine couple, fed the imagination of the ancient Greeks and were cherished stories and readings.

He, arrogant, fickle and unfaithful husband, dignity is often kinked and irreparably hurt the pride of women. I do not hesitate even to boast in front of, on countless adventures with goddesses and mortal.

She, proud and indomitable, invoked the honored ancestry and gives the inalienable rights-the capacity, legal spouse.
Jupiter through the Homeric verse, stated that despised the anger and the moaning and asking, persistently, submission. Did not hesitate, indeed, sometimes make threats of acts, when, tied hand and foot, hung between the ether and the clouds.

Hera, with dignity and katarrakomeni blinded by her passion for revenge, often went on the offensive. Managing to get to the part of Athena and Poseidon, once tried to subdue Zeus, who barely managed to escape through the mediation of Thetis and Hecatonchires Aigaiona.Allote again, the goddess decided to abandon forever the "spousal bed ". He returned to Euboea, where for the first time he was given. Zeus, however, he felt a desire for legal wife xanafountonei, engineered a ploy to bring back with him. He went to Euboea, where it spread to marry a beautiful bride. Even a statue dressed in veils nyfiatika. Hera, blinded by jealousy, of hatred rushed to the new rival and threw their veils. In view of the statue, however, burst into laughter. Laughter of joy and redemption. The love that was smoldering in the fire. Poured eagerly into the arms of her beloved, and ypotachtikia defeated him again.

But Zeus gave excuses incessantly. That furious and impotent revenge personally infidel, turned her anger against the unfortunate rival. Cruel and merciless fell upon the innocent victims of divine punishment.

Leto, daughter of the Titan Coeus and Phoebe, encountered the vengeful fury of the goddess. Despite the efforts of Hera, brought finally to the world, Apollo and Artemis, children of illegal union with Zeus.

The beautiful Io, daughter of Inachos, king of Argos, was unable to avoid the wrath of Hera.

Zeus tried to save transforming it into a cow. But the jealous Hera persecution to Egypt, where Zeus gave her the original form and bore tragic Epafo.I Semele, daughter of King Cadmus of Thebes, was another victim of the wrath of the goddess. Horrible death in the flames, waiting for the hapless mortal who dared to share his maiden bed with the king of the immortals. The child who had her womb was saved by Zeus, who sewed his thigh, and when completed the nine months, was born God but Dionysos.I passionate rage of Hera and turned children against their rival. Hercules, son of Zeus and Alcmene, infant still in his crib, he faced two poisonous snakes a jealous goddess sent to kill him, as tragic, but luck was to be the one that Hera gave immortality to illegitimate child the husband.

At the instigation of Zeus, Hermes touched the infant goddess in her bed while she slept. The baby grabbed his uncle and vyzaxe breast milk of immortality. Hera woke up and angrily withdraws the illegal crop. The milk was cast, at that time, the zoodoti bosom, gave birth to the Galaxy.

Standard volatile and unfaithful husband, Zeus, confesses through the verses of Homer, that he never loved, nor pethymise another woman, as the stately Hera. "Never goddess or mortal and inspired me so desire."

From its union with Zeus, Hera gave birth to Hebe, the goddess of youth, and Ares, the bloodthirsty and kosmochalasti god of war. According to others, and Eileithyia, throes of the mother, and Eris, goddess of discord and civilians, were children of Hera and Zeus.

Wanting to avenge the unsettled Jupiter, for which countless illegitimate sowing, Hera wanted to bring the world of their own children, children who were born without carnal union with Zeus.

Hephaestus, according to legend, was in the bowels of the goddess before its union with Zeus. But it was so ugly and laughed at the gods, Hera threw the sea. The terrible fall that left him forever "cripple and splay foot", so I never forgave the loveless mother. Tied to a golden throne with invisible bonds, and only Zeus managed to free her from ignominious punishment.

The awful Tyfoeas, scourge of mortals, was also the sole son of Hera. The foul beast has finally managed to kill Zeus in terrible duel.
Though fickle husband, Zeus, not tolerate anyone to flirt with the beautiful Hera. Cruel and merciless punishment awaited the would-be lovers, the queen of the gods.
The Ixionas, abusing the hospitality provided to him by Zeus, he tried to approach sex with Hera moods. His punishment was cruel Jupiter. Gave a cloud the shape of Hera and the drunk Ixionas paired with it. From this union was born the Centaur. Not forgiving the ungrateful Zeus sentenced Ixiona be strapped onto flaming wheel that constantly shaken in aera.O Endymion who dared to crave the stately queen, was demolished in Tartarus, while the giant Porfyrionas exterminated by the arrows of Hercules, while attempted to rape Hera.

Although Hera was not known as a martial goddess stood by the Greeks during the Trojan War. The rancorous and vindictive goddess never forgot the insult of Paris, the superficial Vassilopoulos, who preferred the love of power, Hera offered him.

She had a completely unique, enviable place among the Olympian gods. Apomythopoiouse was that, in the eyes of the Greeks, the power of a man master of Kiris, her husband. The one in front of the powerful ruler of the universe laid bare his power and felt fear every time you face the attacks.

In the name of Hera, the woman took her revenge on the man, in a well-organized male-dominated society.