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Mercury or known as hermes was the god Flirty and quite lively.

Mercury is one of the most curious, most talented, popular and more Olympian gods. Son of Zeus and Maia, driver and front passenger living and dead, herald and messenger of the gods, patron of youth, pastoralists, athletes and thieves.

The birth of the god epinoitikotatou competent and placed in Arcadia, and more specifically mountain Kyllini. There, in a cave, lived isolated one of the seven daughters of Atlas and Pliionis, the shy Tuple Maia. In this cave located by the Flirty Jupiter and joined her. There, ten months after the immortal nymph brought the world the fruit of love with Jupiter, Mercury small miracle.

From the first day of his birth, Hermes began to great things. Exploiting the absence of his mother jumps from the crib and out of the cave to play. In stumbles out of a turtle. Impressed by the little pet, get the turn over, the empty shell and with a stretched skin of the ox and covers the upper part of the open shell.

Up to two well-adapted to the shell fastens seven reeds (from provatisia gut) strings and makes a wonderful musical instrument.
The small Mercury is left to do nothing against this fantastic invention. It takes a stick and begins improvising singing loves his father and mother.

But his new pastime is quickly stops the filling. Tired and with an intense hunger Hermes trying to invent ways to fill the empty stomach. Decided to leave Arcadia and ascend to the north.
Having cover within a very short time a great distance, the little god reaches to near sunset in Pieria. Where the grazing herd of Apollo, who Mercury wanted to steal.

Having quickly distinguished 50 heifers, puts the cunning and wily god his plan into effect: in order not to reveal the footprints of animals, puzzles and skill to carry his new flock safely in the Peloponnese. So the trick with the inverted traces, and the darkness of the night favored the plan of Hermes.

Going down to the south, near Boeotia, was the little god be perceived by an elder, while the cultivated vineyard. His meeting with this old farmer far from the conditions stop. With rigor and ranting big man demanded his silence and went happily on its voyage to the bottom.

With the dawn came to Pylos. After two heifers chose to satisfy his hunger, hid the rest of the herd in a barn and slaughtered heifers had the stand. Cutting the meat into twelve pieces (one for each Olympian god) and with some trick lighting a fire (rubbing one particular branch of laurel) was prepared for sacrifice. Intelligent quickly completed what God had prepared and planned. Tired of the tension of the day, returned to the cave, as the wind passed through the keyhole and returned to the crib.

The next day, Apollo discovered the loss and realized the theft. As god of divination and guess the thief decided to find him and avenge him. Descends to the south and good luck on the road meets the old man the day before had been answered with Mercury. Confirmation of suspicion is a fact. Enraged reaches Kyllini and begins to accuse his mother of his little brother. Mercury in front of the barrage of attacks from his brother does not remain silent. It takes a short position in classes and objects strongly suggests even go up and they both Olympus and to solve the dispute their father Zeus.

On Olympus Zeus left stunned against the cunning and impudence of the young sons. He admires the ingenuity and amused with the antics. Listening to complaints and his two children, advises and manages to reconcile.
The mischievous initially convinced Hermes to the words of his father and decides to return the heifers to Apollo. Moreover, to the calm of playing the lyre of improvised music.

Our team is thrilled with the invention of his brother and enchanted his request as a gift.
Mercury is not his refuses. Giving the brother of the lyre, but in return asks the herd with heifers that had been stolen.
Our team welcomes the proposal of Hermes and in gratitude gives it the herd, then the wand of wealth and happiness, and finally the privilege of "life cast" divination (which until then held by Thries, three winged virgin).

The feud between the two brothers successful results with their commitment for perpetual support, love and friendship. The shifty and deceitful Mercury rapidly gaining favor and the other gods.

First of all, Zeus appointed him preacher and negotiator. Confident in his cleverness and cunning, yet giving him the caduceus, the winged Petasos and sandals entrust confidential and critical missions.

Hermes, flying over land and seas transfer from one of the wills and the other announcing the news and events. As a tireless runner and as fast messenger always willing to offer its services primarily transferring desires gods.

Hades, like Jupiter, soon realizes his abilities. Appointing him to his kingdom and assigns the call and transfer the dead to their new home. Hermes with the jurisdictions that offer the Hades is the only god who crosses and acts in three worlds: in this sky, in this land and to him the underworld. In most cases, and mythological subjects, Hermes takes part in the three most basic properties: 1) the messenger, 2) the psychopomp and 3) the companion and protector.

There are many myths that attest to his ability, skill and huge power and tender. When wearing a Giants cap that made him invisible kill Hippolytus. At the same time helping his father Zeus in conflict with the Tyfoea. After failing to eliminate him, elicits the stolen his father's nerves and refocuses on the right, legs and arms, positions.

The lovely Io, Hera, who had transformed a heifer, Hermes, and ordered by his father, manages to steal, after it has managed to sleep up in the deceptive play of the lumen of the guardian of Argos, in turn managed to dazzle and finally cut the head.

Mars, which for nearly a year was imprisoned by the twin giants Aloades in a bronze cauldron, the god resourcefulness managed to release him and return him to Mount Olympus by Zeus to Semele burned, Hermes was the transfer of small Dionysus from Evia to the Nymphs of Mount Nysa.O Apollo in the hands of Hermes confided little Asclepius, son of the faithless lover of Koronidas.O abandoned the Acropolis (from his mother Kreousa) Ion, Mercury moved from the oracle Delphi is close to his father Apollo.

The transfer also of Phrixus and Elli over the Aegean is again thanks to Mercury and gold ram he had given to Ulysses Nefeli.O, the period is on the island of Circe, he accepts the help of Hermes. The young god, transformed, reveals the plans of the witch and gives the antidote to the magic.

Once again, the island of Calypso now, Mercury is attempting to save again in Ulysses. At the instigation of Zeus intervenes and notify the Calypso relative to the fate of Odysseus decision of the gods.

Perseus, like all other heroes, also receives the support of Hermes. Committed to get her head briskly and desperate by the enormous feat that has to take, contact the Mercury. The god of giving a diamond sickle helps to kill Medusa and cut off the kefali.Sta events precede, follow the line and the Trojan war the Hermes also plays a very important role.
Originally, Hermes was the one who led the three goddesses to Mount Ida, to select the most beautiful, Paris.

Then again, Hermes was the one who stole the real Helen and hid in Egypt in Hermes also was the one sent by the gods in Paris and informed decisions tous.Kata during the Trojan War itself was proposed by gods to steal from the battered body of Achilles Ektora.Ligo later he again transformed himself into a mortal, he accompanied his old Priam to the tent of Achilles to ask the dead body of his son Hector.

Finally, at the end of the Trojan war the Hermes came back to Mycenae, to warn the Aegisthus for what was to suffer if his marriage decided to Clytemnestra.

The action of Hermes to the underworld and as an agent and savior is not subordinate the messenger.
Dead Alcmene, mother of Hercules, Hermes stole the lead and the island of Makaron.Ton Hercules, who wanted to raise the Cerberus to earth, Mercury again voithise.Tin Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, the god the Underworld had grabbed, Mercury again bring back the Top World, after he persuaded Hades to afisei.Tis souls of Penelope's suitors lying in the palace of Odysseus, Hermes invited to stick out and led Under the world.The myths surrounding the life and work of Hermes as the incidents involved, converge on the outline of a unicity. The range and richness of the data shows the personality, sometimes, the disillusioning and degrade him; in other words to embody virtues and defects mortal man.

Cunning and clever, agile and cunning, resourceful and deceitful, dreamy, thief and smarmy, energetic and restless, are some of the key features.

Apart from the serious and responsible services and missions offered by the bastard son of Zeus and was an incorrigible practical joker. It used to amuse had grabbed the clothes of his mother and some other nymphs at the time they made their bathroom. Also very old had managed to trick Hera making her suckle another bastard son of Zeus, Hercules.

Mercury in the ancient Greeks attribute many contrivances. In him were attributed the discovery of fire, the construction of the first lyre, the flute and sourafliou. For the Greeks of ancient Greece, Hermes was the god of speech, eloquence, the inventor of letters and numbers. He also was the one who gave the first woman, Pandora, human voice and had to speak words false, deceptive and evil. As a son of one of the Pleiades Mercury, also connected with astronomy, and considered the instigator of the measures and weights, and by analogy patron of commerce.

As runners ideal Hermes, along with Eros and Hercules, were described as gods of the youth athlete, drills and palaistron.Apo the initial incident of theft and then rearing and care of 50 heifers of Apollo, the son of Zeus asso