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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Holidays on boat


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In the marine area, the most popular dilemma is: holiday on boat or hotel?

Integral-and-creative part of our lives are the dilemmas, because the show after a special two-premise or more-opposite side leading to the selection of the ideal.

In the marine area, the most popular dilemma is: holiday on boat or hotel? In the case of boat selected the vessel shows a number of other dilemmas such as motor or sailing? Monogastric or catamaran? Small boat or large? With or without skipper ? big company or small company?

These dilemmas are answered by experienced, but that does not mean that even they always make the right choices. As for the inexperienced, the above dilemmas commonly encountered by the experience of "old".

In any case, the key to success is related to the appropriate motion. Below are mentioned some fixed parameters and information on holidays at sea, to enable the process of comparison and to help strengthen each subjective point of view, to the best drive-or at least the most appropriate. Do the right thing to say and our beloved Simply Red ...

The first fact is that of the marine environment. There is no doubt that the best way to approach the Polynesian of our country, with numerous and beautiful beaches is one boat.

The conventional ways of holiday in a hotel, an apartment or a villa, unable to reveal the same way magical images of the sea. On the other hand comfort especially through artificial means such as a pool or a Jacuzzi, which for many a lifestyle.

To solve this dilemma first by indulgence, it is advisable to take account of the new challenge, which is none other than the use of a vessel. In order to best move is sufficient to compare two images: the first includes a villa with all facilities and amenities that lend a "lavish" life. The second image includes a boat crossing the sea and atermanto directed at white beaches, turquoise waters.

By performing a comparison of the two images, each able to make his own choice, knowing of course that will pay the appropriate price.

After answering the first dilemma, in the hypothetical event that the selected boat holiday, the next question which is asked to answer is the same however: How much does it cost?

At this point there might have misunderstood one view, which deserves rehabilitation and claims that the boat vacations are expensive. This is untrue and should be pointed out that prices have an analogy to other types of vacations.

Attempting to what should be done a thorough analysis shows that the cost for a relatively new monogastric sailing vessel sleeps eight people in June, is about 600 euros a day. At this price includes all taxes, professional captain (skipper) and fuel for four hours of operation of the machine. A simple division shows that the cost per person per day is around 75 euros. Similarly, if the same period a couple find a decent hotel room in one of the islands, you will immediately understand that the cost per person per day are about 75 euros.

In conclusion we find that the rent board per day is an option at least the same cost of a hotel. Of course, to appreciate properly the data should take into account some additional parameters that have to do with what is offered by each option separately.

Regarding the expense, essentially a hotel offers a base and some facilities, depending on the class. Beyond that, additional costs are estimated true but there are unexpected because, whatever one does in the area, should consider it as an extra expense. From a coffee at the pool, rental of sports arenas, lunch and beverages will be consumed, etc. until the transfer, whether the costs for use or rent a car, or a journey to several beaches. These costs can increase significantly the initial budget.

By contrast, those who rent a boat can specify in advance a more accurate holiday budget because the cost of renting the boat, the skipper of fuel and some supplies for granted. For example, you may choose to take passengers all meals on board cost cutting.

Using board, travel expenses are minimal, since one can move and change location carrying with all his things without tiring removals. Even swimming, whereas in other cases it may be a whole adventure or discomfort, the boat is quick judgment without even created a need for transportation equipment such as umbrellas, mats and refrigerators.

However, this is ideal is the direct access to the sea. And because the detail makes the difference, after showering the passengers do not have to suffer the inconvenience of cleaning the sand. The images of the entrance to the car that usually boils (after they have spread towels on the seats) and the search, sometimes in vain for a restaurant without a lot of people before returning to the hotel to get rid of the annoying salt stay away.

The vessel immediately after swimming, passengers can remove the salt in a shower and then sit under the shade of the awning, with the kitchen at a nearby point where lies an appetizer.

Important factors are also choices and independence. Depending on your temperament, anyone can choose between the remote desert islands or the most cosmopolitan destinations. Or you can combine both. For example, you may choose Corfu as a main destination, while having the opportunity to visit and Paxos, this small island has a beautiful, exotic beaches.

For those who love fishing boat holidays are ideal because they offer the opportunity to practice their favorite pastime tirelessly in various ways, either by trolling or by line or by snorkeling.

As we know, there are two main types of boats to rent, motor and sailboats. About the motor, these are the most luxurious type, but unfortunately the cost is high as they consume large amounts of fuel. The last years have made their appearance and inflatable rental companies, the cost to more affordable levels.

The most popular boats are for rent sailboats. With the main means of propulsion sails, fuel costs and nearly annihilated the space is decent, offering a high standard of comfort. If selection indeed digastrou boat (catamaran) living on board is very comfortable indeed given the large size of the main deck. This type of boat offers great comfort and high speeds but less security in the event of rough seas, so it is advisable to rent in calm seas such as the Ionian Sea.

In our country there are many companies and individuals professionally involved in renting a boat. For legal coverage, at least two occupants must have a bachelor governor craft. Of course, this is required if one wishes for the chartering of vessels without crew (bareboat).

Of course there is the possibility that the vessel is accompanied by a skipper, who is hired or through the company or vessel owner. It can also be independent, making an individual choice. The law does not permit the rental without crew for vessels over 15 meters for sailboats and more than 8 to motor.

The cost of a professional captain of a day is around 120 euros. This option has several advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that (in theory at least) the captain will have extensive experience of the vessel, knows well the ports and the prevailing conditions, and can generally be traveling the craft safely.

The downside is that there is someone in the boat in which passengers do not have great familiarity. So much of the success of the holiday will depend on the personality and mood of the captain. Sure, the bigger the boat, the easier it is to live together. But usually there are no serious problems. It would be nice of course the passengers know in advance the captain, either personally or by recommendations.

The appointment of captain in no way means that passengers will not make sailing if they wish. Contrast, can deal with whatever they want on board, as the handling of the sails, steering, navigation, with the certainty of surveillance by an experienced person. Indeed, it would, passengers in difficult situations or during the moorings in a harbor, to be on deck and help as they can.

In any case, care must be taken in choosing the marine area that will perform the holiday. Basic to this parameter should be the naval experience has all the crew and especially one who will undertake tasks of government.

As we know, our country has a sea area with very different morphological and climatic, among them conditions.

If the crew consists of beginners, it is advisable to select the Saronic, the Sporades or Ionian Sea. The ports are well protected, making movements easier anchoring and attachment in relation to those made in very difficult Aegean ports. And the wind in these regions are generally much lower than the wind in the Aegean Sea.
The Aegean, despite the fact that it is an inland sea, is among the most "difficult" because of the peculiar weather conditions that occur in it.

Most companies offer charter yachts to choose different points on the islands and coastal country, from "where shippers can begin their journey. They are called" bases "that are usually found on the following islands in the Aegean islands : Mykonos, Syros, Paros, Samos, Rhodes, Kos and Skiathos. And in the Ionian Islands: Lefkada, Corfu and Zakynthos.

Caution in drinking water - Vessels equipped with large water tanks but with finite capacity. To save trouble and money consuming watch, especially when showering and do not let the water run unnecessarily.

Athenian Yachts: 2 Poseidon Avenue Paleo Faliro, tel: 210 9811820, 9838411, 9849620
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