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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Holy Week and Easter


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Tradition

Easter Greek customs and tradition is great, with many stories and myth around

Before Holy Week we celebrate first Saturday of Lazarus, who Jesus raised his friend Lazarus as a warning to His own resurrection. The next day we celebrate Palm Sunday when the Lord came to Jerusalem with a price. After the Liturgy, the priest blesses us with palm crosses. These crosses put them f 'cars, and where we need protection. It is custom to eat fish as Palm says the poem:

Palms, the palms Vagia
eat fish, and necklaces
and the other Sunday
eat roast lamb!

The Holy Week is mourning period when we remember the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Celebrations are not allowed or other entertainment throughout the week. Each sequence of holy week existorizei Great Passion of Christ. There is indeed strict fast throughout the week and especially on Good Friday.

Sequences of Holy Week:

On Palm Sunday evening and Monday evening Great becomes the Bridegroom. We remember also the case of Joseph, who despite being full of goodness, his brothers sold him to slave. Our Church has its parallels with Christ.

On Holy Tuesday night becomes the Bridegroom and remember the sinful woman who came and crushed his feet anointed Jesus with myrrh and tears. We hear the beautiful hymn of Kassiani who chant the evening: "Sir, the fallen woman pollais sins ...".

On Holy Wednesday morning is the Presanctified Divine Liturgy, and in the afternoon or evening is the sacrament of Holy Unction. In the Unction, the priest reads seven gospels, and seven prayers to bless the oil used to treat mental and physical illnesses. After the sequence of Holy Unction, the priest crosses our oil on the forehead, cheeks, chin and hands. The Great Wednesday is the day of betrayal of Judas.

Holy Thursday is the day of the Last Supper. On Holy Thursday morning is the Liturgy of Basil the Great and say it's good to communion on Holy Thursday. On Maundy Thursday is custom vapseis red Easter eggs. The evening Vespers of the Twelve Gospels (telling the Passion of Christ). After the fifth Gospel is the procession of the Crucified. The Altar candles are moving forward with one of the Altar censes, followed by the Pope lifting the Cross with Christ, with lighted candles on the Cross, and made the procession into the Church as they all sing the stirring hymn "Today hang on the wood in eidasei hang the earth .... ". After vespers women decorate the bier with flowers.

Good Friday is the day of burial of Christ. The morning is the sequence of the Great Hours. The afternoon is the sequence of the Cross which the priest leads the body of Christ from the Cross and puts him into the Epitaph. After the deposition embrace all the Epitaph, and children spend less than three times the Epitaph. In Greece, the faithful go from church to church to worship the various epitaphs. At night, the Lament of the Lamentations and Procession of the Epitaph. In Greece the epitaph parade around the village or town, and sometimes the behaviors of different faiths meet and continue along the procession. It is custom on Good Friday to drink vinegar as Christ gave when he was on the cross and said he hungered.

On Saturday morning is the Liturgy of Basil the Great. It is the preliminary announcement of the big event with the words of the priest: "Anasta God judge the earth ...". And the night, the sequence of the Resurrection. Habit is the godfather or godmother to buy a candle for the Easter baptismal them. All dressed in new clothes and go to church. Shortly before midnight, all the lights off of the church, and darkness is falling everywhere. Just come midnight the priest chants "Come receive the light" and comes with a candle lit through the Beautiful Gate, and it gives light to all church services (the one she gives it to another). After we all go outside where the priest reads the Gospel of the Resurrection and all just finished singing

"Christ is risen from the dead
trampled death death
percent and the per mnimasi, life charisamenos "

In Greece only sing the Risen Christ fireworks begin. The Church is usually empty, even following the Divine Liturgy and preachy word of John Chrysostom. After the Resurrection, the faithful receive the Holy Light to the house with candles, and make the shape of the cross with the smoke of candles at the entrance of the house. Then light the candle light with her son trying to keep at least three to forty days. After eating the Easter meal, which is usually soup (soup of lamb or beef intestines). Clink also eggs, and eat cookies and cakes. On the island of Kos lampropittes make, which is like cheese. For lampropittes put dough in a round pan, make like a pit in the middle of the dough, fill it with creamy cheese and eggs, and brush with egg before you cook.

On Easter Sunday in many parts of Greece roast lamb on a spit, with the intestines. The lamb we eat the Passover symbolizes Christ who was sacrificed as a lamb for our salvation.

In the afternoon, the Church becomes the Vespers of Love (why Christians share brotherly kiss) where they read the Gospel in various languages.

When we celebrated Easter, determined by the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea in Bithynia in 325 AD Decided to celebrate Easter on the first Sunday after the full moon of the spring equinox (and after the Passover).

For forty days the Orthodox Christians greet each other saying "Christ is risen" and responding "Truly Risen."