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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Island of Paxos


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

Information about Paxos thing to do in Paxos

For the Island of Paxos itself will write some general tips. In general it is an island that is suitable for couples and families wanting a relaxing holiday.

Island of Paxos is very beautiful, with several good beaches and good food, a few bars and quiet and polite people. It has three villages, Gaios is the capital, Lakka and Logos. The distances between them are funny, so do not choloskate much about that if you book a hotel car. Imagine that the distance from Lac (northern edge) to Gaius (near the southern end) is about 10 minutes on good roads.
Do not expect special dolcevita and do not take cash for the many stories of the cosmopolitanism of Paxos. It has many boats and yachts and endless Italians, but all in lowprofileepipedo.
My advice to scarves car with gasoline from Igoumenitsa to Paxos because there is only one gas station with unrealistic prices (August 2011 to 1.89 per liter for regular unleaded).
Also not bad to get magazines / books from home ... I found a Book with limited titles, while the unique type of agency had limited variety of magazines and newspapers arrive daily at 15.30.
Finally, almost everywhere catching on Paxos Paxos wifiapo the City

1. Claus, Logos: Kateme the best restaurant on the island. Sounds like a lot to giaftin travel guides and specials, and are all valid. Fantastic Greek cuisine just "tweaked" a good wine list, friendly staff. If you have to say I find it less relevant service delay when many people (not, however, nothing tragic). Values around 15 -20 euros main courses, starters 8-10 euros. Calculate 35 per person with wine. Worth the money.
2. Son, Logos: A bit further by the king, more classic tastes. Good prices, fair portions. I take back there for sure. Main courses about 10 euros, around 6 million appetizers. Huge seafood tagliatelle (2 people +) to 30 euros.
3. Larosadipaxos, Lakka: The set up online, I recommend it to travel guides .. I do not know why. Cute place, the harbor of Lakka. Otherwise I found absolutely nothing not to impress. Just good food, small portions of other other ok, appetizers indifferent. The service was polite. However, the approximately 30 per person is not deserved. Note: we ate seafood, meat and fish fillet. Reserved for whole fish, can be surprisingly and there is the fame part.
4. Boemissa, Shops (road from Gaios to Logos): A yard on the street, with nice decor. The food was nice but unfortunately it was a typical restaurant where you can find anywhere in Greece without any local specialties. Prices around 15-18 per person. Locals told us that they themselves eat there anyway. The service was very good.
5. Mambo, Gaios Gaios If you stay in for lunch you can choose - will shock you and the plate but has good service, local specialties and normal prices (around 25 euros per person).
6. Simple tavern shows a family business. We were there by chance, because they had closed the other kitchens, but pleasantly surprised by the burger I ate.
7. Giappy, Lakka: Creperie very nice ice cream and candy! And we looked delicious crepes, but not lemonopita played. Very nice environment.
8. Mediterraneo, Gaius: I ate but the locals say why we recommended it as a good but expensive. The musttous to include with the King, the Hermit and RosadiPaxos.

Drink (the barometer us here is the cocktails and the environment. Measure in degrees mojito):
1. Good morning, Gaius: The inmparaki of Gaius, crowds gather at the tables and the pezoulakia. At some point sultry, given the rest of tranquility in Gaios. If you want to drink this is the place toseeandtobeseen, but that early consideration all the tables are either world or reserved. Mediocrity cocktails (watery, small glasses), although we had praised the. Mojito grade: 4/10
2. Gaius, near Mediterraneo (do not remember the name ..): Nice tables along the marina, see the opposite islet of St. Nicholas. Music mainly loungeekdoseis different songs. Late August is not picking a particular world was night when we were alone. Nice cocktail. Mojitograde: 6/10.
3. Logos, Rokibarkai Journey: Two bars are back "yard" and the tables are by the sea. Very romantic setting, loose groups (mostly yachts), nice music. Terrible cocktail, well made, correct quantities. Mojito grade: 9/10.
4. Akisbar, Lakka: Nice bar with tables and swings in the back yard, next to the sea. Very nice environment, great ice cream and fine wines. Here no one drank cocktailgia to judge, but taking into account how neat and shapely were the rest, I think it would be nice as well. It is also a restaurant, the dishes looked very nice but unfortunately I do not know .. One more minus: you order in English because the staff could hardly speak Greek.
5. Erimitisbar, Hermit: Great surroundings and views, we all go to watch the sunset. The good thing is that it has a very nice cocktail that match the idyllic setting, the problem is that when the sun sets 100 tourists gather and bury themselves in front of you to take pictures, clapping (!) Just goes down (did it again, the bagasas) . The food we were told that it is very nice, prices distance we saw mostly 15-20 and 10-13 starters. Mojito grade: 9/10.
6. Bouelos, Shops: Very nice cafe, the proposed symforoumitis and visited. It is on the road, stays open late (2.00 pm) and picks and a new world. If you live nearby and want to relax, especially for afternoon coffee is fine.


Generally the beaches on Paxos is beautiful, with crystal clear waters. I stress the most beautiful water I have met in Greece. Unfortunately for me none is sandy, pebbles rather have both inside and outside the sea. The only beaches not pebbles in the sea is Grape. Do not listen to people who report sandy beaches, I concluded that it knows what the word means ... The only good thing about shingles is that they do not play anywhere rackets.
Accessible by car beaches are those of the east side of Paxos. To get to most of the west need to rent a boat or your boat. Personal view: accessed from the east side all seemed very similar, so do not kill to look different from beach to beach.
About the troughs: you can hire without a license your boat from 40-90 euros at Logos and Lakka. Make a market survey, not only to ask one! You can take the boat from 9 am to 6 pm to go round and go Grape. Calculate the cost and petrol will consume up to 30 liters (= 60 euros).
If you want to rent a tray, you can get regular service larger vessels. From Gaius about every half hour boat leaves carrying 20-25 people Grape at a cost 10 euros / person. You pay by entering the boat and to go back from where you enter just any boat stopped by last curfew 18.00.
There is also a large vessel with a capacity of 30-40 people who can do around the island instead of 22 euros per person (departure of Gaius 11 a.m.). I flipped around the west side, swim for 20 minutes in the caves and then continue where you get to Grape at 12.30 or so and you live as you want (18.00 last departure as we said).

1. Manadendri: The only organized, very beautiful beach with two beachbar-restaurants. Although it has a lot of people are quiet, thin beds and good music. Not paying for the sunbeds, only for what you order. Going down to the left Manadendri BensBar is right and the ManadendriBeach. They have their own parking. In the left beachbaritan me much more beautiful and lounge, with hammocks, etc. Both could get free boards, water bikes, masks etc but clearly had more in BensBar. In ManadendriBeachfagame and pizza in the oven, tasty but tiny. Mojito grade for Manadendri beach: 7/10.
2. Voutoumi: The biggest beach Antipaxos, with the most turquoise waters there. In the sea there is sand and you can play racquetball. At 100 meters behind the beach there is a tavern where you can get coffee and toast. The tavern leads and chairs / umbrellas paying (3 € / deck). It has several yachts and boats, but not disturbed by their presence. Generally this idyllic beach waters. In other respects the natural environment with the same Manadendri.
3. Vrika: The second beach Antipaxos, we did not swim but the water seemed equally wonderful. Most small beach, it seemed that most had two deck chairs and more taverns near the beach. The boat from Paxos stops first and then Vrika Voutoumi, so pick and pick. Personally in my Vrika smelled barbecue because of taverns, so it went crazy.
4. Kipiadi: Again on the east coast of Paxos, a long beach with many admirers. It is completely unorganized. The car comes close enough and then continued for 5-10 minutes from a small paths which wants some attention. Not recommended for people with mobility problems. Personally I found it unnecessary hassle to get to a beach similar to the others.
5. Harami: Adjacent to Laka, you're passing near the AkisBarkai climbing stairs. Describe it as sand, is not meant J has some creek beds in the second, which cost 3 euros each I think.
6. Agia Marina, Otzias: Beaches on the southern tip of the island, next to Moggonisi. Unorganized, beautiful water, by the way I like it.
7. Levrechio: Next to the Logos, not to repeat myself, unorganized, beautiful water and otherwise nothing special. Behind is a tavern which looks very nice.
8. West Coast: On the boat we saw a very nice beaches (pebble) whose names I do not remember. In the caves you can anchor and swim a little, tiny beaches for a relaxing break - the downside is that tourists will then pass that will make the tourist tourist stop and swim. Beauty and the Beach Hermit - is accessible by car (no matter what they say many residents). Ride to the Hermit's bar, on your right you see a sign for Hermit Beach and a dirt road. The car descends upto a point, then he wants to walk 5 minutes and you will reach. Deep waters and few people, be careful not to look for your bed!