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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

The island of Odysseus stands out for its natural beauties and historical monuments confirming the words of kavafis great poet.

Always in your mind To have Ithaca.

The arrival there it 's your destination.

Cavafy sung to one of the best known and loved poems and Odysseus, the mythical King resourceful who fought in the Trojan War, there was the kingdom. And for good reason. Ithaca is one of the most beautiful islands of our country, quiet, lush, with beautiful beaches and remarkable historical monuments, the contrast with typical wild and tame nature and development of tourism has not destroyed the charm and tradition.

It is the smallest in size and population after Paxos island in the Ionian Islands, south of Lefkada and very near the northeast coast of Kefalonia, which is separated by the Strait of Ithaca.

City of Ithaca is Vathy, a picturesque town with a quirky trick that closes the "arms" of the islet of Lazaretto and two castles to decorate the harbor.

It is a natural harbor of particular beauty, retaining the old building and Ionian rhythm-like Anogi municipal departments, and columns Cross-classified Traditional Settlement. According to tradition, where the Phaeacians left the sleeping Odysseus.

From the attractions worth visiting the Archaeological, Folklore - Maritime Museum and the Cathedral. Most of the city was destroyed in the earthquake of 1953. Also, Deep, and saved the house Androutsou Ulysses.

Near the beach southwest of the harbor, is The island Lazaretto or savior of the church. The building is there, hosting old lazaretto (1836) and later sentenced prison (until 1912). The Lazaretto suffered significant damage in the earthquakes of 1953 and later demolished.

Built above 3 km. above the deep, at an altitude of 300 m on the northeast side of the mountain Petaliatiko, is Perachori, a medieval village with ruins of earlier village of Paleochora which was the old capital of Ithaca, where the medieval architecture and Byzantine churches with murals impress every visitor. It is worth visiting the monastery of the Archangels dating from the 17th century and is located southwest of the village and the forest "Afentikos Logos."

The narrowest point of the island, linking the south with northern Ithaca and is approximately 4 km from the capital, is the Eagle, a small settlement with a few houses along the beach. The Eagle Mountain has a height 380 meters and hosts the "Cyclopean Walls". The Eagle took its name from the shape that makes the mountain with the two beaches that resemble eagle has its wings half-open.
The columns in a photo by Gerasimos Karavia

Heading to the north of the island, the first village on our way, is white with a distinctive traditional architecture of the houses to compose an original image island, and shortly before the settlement of St. John is that the houses are built on the beautiful beach of Gialos Aspro.

Continuing north (17 km from the Deep), is the Cross, one of the most important tourist resorts in the square which is the bust of Odysseus. The area of ​​historic and archaeological interest as it is unlikely that here was built the palace of Odysseus. In lies the Cave of Loizos, within which they found traces of an ancient temple and the churches of Santa Barbara, and the Life-Giving Spring of the Saviour.

In the northern part of the island are also several other interesting villages such as Anogi, the oldest village of Ithaca, with particularly impressive prehistoric megalithic monuments, known as "Menir" and the wonderful views of the Ionian, the Exogi, the northernmost village of Ithaca, the monument with artificial pyramids and churches of Aghios Nikolaos and Agia Marina, traditional Platrithias and Horrors, a picturesque fishing village with two preserved windmills and the columns with the house he was born by G. Kara and beautiful beaches.

Ithaca has many spectacular beaches, some accessible by many others that one can visit by boat. They consist of smooth white pebbles, decorated with trees reaching nearly to the sea and have crystal clear water.
The beach Gidaki a photo of Gerasimos Karavia

Beaches suitable for swimming is Loutsa, under the canons of the Venetian harbor, the Dexa on the road to the Eagle and northern Ithaca, which have blue flag, the Sarakiniko, Filiatro the Gidaki (by boat in 30 minutes ), which is considered one of the best and most beautiful beaches of Greece, the Tombs, a short distance from the city, Schinos, deep in the bay 3 km away from Vathy, Piso Aetos and the Eagle.

There are many more beaches, small or large, waiting to be discovered. You can rent a boat to visit yourself the hard to reach or can reach them by boat starting from the Deep and running daily cruises.

How to get there: By ferry from Patras (approx. 4 hours), or Port Lobster (approx. 2.30 hours).

Where to eat and where to stay: to stay and eat on the island, consult a guidebook in