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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Places to visit

It lies about 35 km from Sparta and just 7 km from Areopolis.

Itilo in Mani, inhabited continuously since the time of Homer until today, and combines the wild mountains to the sea. Read it worth going.

At Itilo we understand what it's quiet. The stone castles and wildness of the landscape takes you to another era. Itilo has the authenticity that will meet throughout the Mani and something more: it is very green.

You will enjoy food: Fresh fish, Shrimp and traditional local cuisine Mani has nothing to do with traditional tourist restaurants.

In short, less than half an hour by car, you'll see the Cave of Diros, which ranked first among the three most beautiful lake caves in the world, leaving behind the Pantirak southern France and Zaita Beirut.

To visit Itilo in Mani will make an enjoyable boat ride, which lasts about 40 minutes in an underground tunnel with colorful stalactites, stalagmites and imaginative lighting, while the boatman will tell you the basics of the cave and will answer your questions.

The scene is reminiscent of what we learned in mythology the ferryman who brought down their souls to the underworld. It sounds creepy but it is unique.


You can go to Cape Tenaro, the southwest point of continental Europe, with its characteristic large lighthouse. To get to the lighthouse, of course, will need to walk much, so it is being properly prepared.

Here there is the so-called Cave of Hades, where according to legend, began downloading the underworld. From here descend and Orpheus searching for his lost Eurydice - call now!

It will not take more than an hour to go to famous scenic destinations including Gytheion Gerolimenas and Areopolis, which is an important center of Mani.


We walked the cobblestone streets, the streets will visit the folklore museum in the restored Pikoulakis Tower and the historic square of Areopolis from where the revolution began in 1821 with Mani fighters.

Here you will find cute little bars to enjoy your drink. What they deserve is the old town with its picturesque stone buildings and narrow streets. This is all new vlachomparok elements commonly found in Greek cities: kitsch booth on the square, plastic chairs, akalaisthites signs.

If you like extreme sports, Itilo is ideal for hiking scenic trails through the wild nature of Mani, from Karavostasi to the Prophet Elijah, depending on how fit you are.

How are you going

- By car from Athens you will Oitylo approximately 3.5 hours.

- By bus: Connection Athens / Piraeus - Sparta - Gytheion - Areopoli (280chlm.), daily. Route Athens - Sparta (3 hours), Sparta - Gytheion 35 '(44chlm.) and Gytheion - Aeropolis 25' (28km) - Itilo.

Where to stay

Tower-meal. Traditional tower for first class luxury accommodation in Itilo, tel 210 6645023, 27 330 59 388.

Xemoni hotel. Built of stone and wood, 4 stars, with simple but warm and welcoming atmosphere in Itilo, tel 27 330 55 283.

-Porto Vitilo Boutique Hotel. Luxury and traditional accommodation overlooking the tranquil bay of Itilo and Taygetos Karavostasi (Itilo), tel 27 330 59 210.

Itilo hotel. Mani traditional hotel with all the comfort and cozy atmosphere in New Itilo, tel 27 330 59 222.

Elixirion-Guesthouse. Discreet luxury and warm hospitality, just 10 meters from the sea. Rooms with sea view and a traditional tavern in Karavostasi (Itilo), tel 27 330 59 275.

Where to eat

-Traditional tavern "Karavopetra" by the sea, in the New Itilo for stews, soups, and fish dishes.

-Tavern "Elixirion". The tavern of the hotel with old local recipes and local products Karavostasi Itilo.

-Fish "Kourmas" in the harbor, just off the New Itilo for seafood. Try Shrimp anyway.

-Tavern "Akrogiali" in Gerolimenas, with local specialties and fish.

In-Koutouki of Uncle Petros Areopolis for traditional snacks.

What to buy

Olives, olive oil, mountain tea, the famous lupine, Mani syglino smoked, noodles, trachana, bread, herbs and honey.