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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Kalymnos Climbing Festival


Greece Travel Guide|Annual Events

Visit Kalymnos on the occasion of carrying out the Kalymnos Climbing Festival in May

On the occasion of the Kalymnos Climbing Festival, in May, visit Kalymnos and watch the sport "climbing paradise in the Aegean", at a time when rooms are available at very attractive prices. Which is a strong incentive for everyone.

In recent years the interest in climbing on Kalymnos was large, as the island has one of the safest and highest quality climbing. Moreover, the climate is ideal for the sport all year (from March to late October) and with a few showers. The Climbing Festival, which support all members of Kalymnos Hoteliers Association, includes a series of events: Boulteringk contest, photography contest, treasure hunt, presentations, parties and, of course, lots of climbing.

The island of the Dodecanese rightly called the "climbing paradise in the Aegean" Mountain and sea in an attractive combination.

The festival and the low prices of the hotels the time of the a strong incentive for potential sports fans.

The "island of sponge divers' attracts thousands of climbers from around the world, hosting the International Festival has established as a must destination for any rock climber who respects himself. In 18 to 22 May 2011, thousands of climbers from around the world flooded the island to enjoy Kalymnos Climbing Festival, which once again brought the attention of athletes from around the world.

It all started 12 years ago when an Italian climber, the Andrea Di Bari (who opened the first 40 climbing routes) made holidays to the island and discovered the usefulness of the rocks, to the point that 24 fields organized by first year. Soon, the development of new routes introduced as a climbing destination in the Mediterranean paradise, which is confirmed daily by the climbers who come from every corner of the earth. Today, with 77 more climbing and more than 1700 routes, the impressive mountain slopes Massouri, overlooking Telendos, Kalymnos has become one of the most important climbing destinations and is globally recognized as one of the most important sport climbing areas in the world !

Kalymnos ClimbingTi Sport is what pulls the rock climbers in Kalymnos? The unique quality in calcareous rocks, the idanikesklimatologikes conditions and the mild climate of the island, the excellent organization of trips in terms of safety, labeling and information, the immediate accessibility of the fields (they use bikes instead of cars), the spectacular view of the coastline and the stunning seascape unfolding on their feet. So, from 2001 onwards, meeting place every two years at International Climbing Festival organized by the Municipality of Kalymnos, establishing the island as the "Mecca of climbing '. In 2001 and 2002 estimated that came more than 4,000 climbers on the famous rock trip festivals. In October 2004 attended by some 600 climbers from around the world. The small but impressive Kalymnos graced the pages of American magazine «Climbing» with impressive shots of the efforts of climbers and the truly majestic landscape while also American «Rock & Ice» characterizes as "the paradise of the climbing world." The festival of 2006 recorded a record 1,000 entries.

Kalymnos Sport Climbing some slopes are unexplored and appropriate for the specific type and the other more easy, suitable for beginners who want the guidance of drivers who work in schools on the island. There are many small paths of difficulty, a very good rock (limestone that rivals the best of France, Spain or Italy), ideal to start even someone with no previous experience.

For those new to the sport is a challenge. Most climbers will shrewd advantage of every trick they have in their repertoire for the toughest trails in Daniboy 8a as in Spartacus, for snakes like stalactites stuck on the rock and grabs the remote, or for imposing Priapus, a line 35 meters in- is a series of stalactites hanging from the Grande Grotta as if by a huge chandelier, and although it is difficult, however, only 7c + are both negative slope all the way extends 25 feet from the base! The difficulty of a route is not just about the slope of the rock, but mainly with the grips and pushes the rock. The rocks are well-shaped and ideal conditions, with difficulty levels from 4c and reach up to 9th! The most difficult course on the island - and the toughest in the world is the ninth-or else in Latin XI + scale of difficulty. Of course, these slopes and degrees of difficulty for experienced climbers.

Sport Climbing Kalymnos, in addition to athletes, more and more visitors decide to try their strength in sports. Without prior experience, after all there is always a good start, you can start lessons because schools operate on the island that provide all information required for the safe dealing with both sports (in organized place fields), and by traditional (mountain) climbing.

In recent years it is estimated that more than 4,000 climbers annually visit Kalymnos Frence, Americans, British, Austrians, Italians and Germans. They are all young, adventurous people who combine their passion for the sport with the desire to experience a beautiful and unspoilt and peaceful destination, such as Kalymnos. Regardless of the festival, more and more climbers gathered on the island, mainly in October and April. The stunning views, easy access, mild climate, easy access, and caves with stalactites that nest on the cliffs, impressive caves (the largest stalactite cave in the world is the Grande Grotta), the excellent quality of the rock, huge vertical plates that seem to float in space, collect hundreds of tourists throughout the year, reaching the island of sponge divers from around the globe. In this package, add the dive park, caving, cycling and mountain biking enthusiasts and alternative forms of tourism are not left disappointed in any field. The friendly island of Kalymnos, the helpful and polite people, low cost accommodation and meals, are the guarantee for a full product tour.

Kalymnos Climbing Sport and Desk older visitors who seek more new areas, is the new target of action by local agencies for further development: that is how to finance the implementation of programs to create new routes and greater challenges. It is indicative that new climbing destinations such as Yangshuo China, trying to replicate the model of Kalymnos. This one, and global fame amply demonstrate the lucrative future of this alternative activity that contributes to economic and tourism development of the site.

For the months of May and October the charges in two hotels and three star range from 35 pounds per double with breakfast. Information about reservations please visit the website of Kalymnos Hoteliers Association (

Kalymnos is one of the most interesting destinations of the Dodecanese with beautiful landscapes and beaches, monuments of great historical value as ancient temples, medieval castles and old churches, and numerous museums. Moreover, the rich tradition and heritage of the sponge is reflected, among other things, to separate local cuisine.

The island is also one of the most dynamic alternative tourism destinations in Greece with the rapid development of primary and secondary climbing the diving and speleological tourism. Available as a base for exploring many of the neighboring islands and sea excursions to nearby beaches and islands.

With the timely planning of your vacation, you will benefit not only from low hotel prices but also from cheaper fares. There you will arrive either by boat or by plane (direct flight to flight to Kalymnos and Kos and from there to move 30 'to Kalymnos). And do not forget the very attractive prices of local restaurants and other tourist services, which make Kalymnos one of the most affordable destinations in Greece.