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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

Kalymnos island combines everything perfectly.The island of sponge divers, Kalymnos, owes to the rich depth of the sea his reputation and manages to seamlessly combine tradition with tourism and mountain and sea.

You probably know Kalymnos as the island of sponge divers, those who have good relationship with the extreme sports, you will probably know it as the ideal place for rock climbing and those who have visited, they know they are all Kalymnos these and many more. It is an island that combines the charm of the mountain and rocky landscape, with wooded slopes of aromatic herbs and rugged coastline with its crystal clear waters, its natural wealth and beauty, with tourism.

The island of sponge divers owes its rich depth of the sea his reputation, so it is a favorite destination for lovers of diving and the speargun, with its beautiful beaches with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters offer visitors unique moments of relaxation.

Although modest in size, Kalymnos has a population of about 16,000 inhabitants and is one of the most densely populated islands of Greece. Located in the southeastern Aegean, between Leros and Kos and the bulk of its inhabitants, is concentrated in the port and capital of the island, Pothia.

This island is surrounded by many small islands, inhabited and other uninhabited other, more familiar with the Telendos and Pserimos inhabited by farmers and width, Gaidouronisi, Imia, etc.

Villages and beaches of Kalymnos

Built in early 1850 when most have stopped the raids and the residents returned to coastal areas of the town (built in the middle valley) was the first capital of Kalymnos, the Pothia is very picturesque, with houses built in an amphitheater next to each other and all facing the sea, retaining the local character of the island.

On the west side of the harbor stands the monastery of St. Sava with its breathtaking view, while the coastal zone will find different kinds of accommodation, restaurants, cafes, and stores the sponge.

Therma, south of the island and the bridge just before and Therma Vlichadia is quiet sandy beaches and green waters, and is also spectacular beach and Coast.

Most tourist resort is the picturesque village Massouri, west and opposite the island Telendos, with white houses and one of the most beautiful and largest sandy beaches. Very close to Massouri are myrtles, a hamlet that lies in front of a huge rock with a beautiful pebble beach 700 meters long.

Further south from Myrties will find the picturesque village of Panormos, on a green site that attracts visitors to the island mainly for their beautiful and popular beaches. The main road that comes from Pothia branches and olive trees, leads to the beaches and Linaria Kantouni left and Platis Gialos to the right.

At the eastern end of the island, in a fertile valley, lies the village of Deep, with many scattered houses, which reach the cove of a closed bay. It has a picturesque harbor, Rina, while the region is of archaeological interest, and erected in place are the remains of prehistoric Acropolis and close to harbor the remains of a tower of the classical era.

A little further north, you will see one of the most important monuments of the island, the fortified monastery of Panagia Kyra tall, which according to tradition, he built a Kalymnios who had converted and when he returned to his hometown remembered his roots and believe again God.

On the northern island of Kalymnos, somewhat isolated, is Emborios, a quiet, picturesque hamlet at the end of NW highway and just 24 km from the capital. The beaches are minutes away from the village is clean, and by boat you can reach some more rugged beaches and see only beauty.

Also, from the Emporio you can follow the hiking trails and climb the mountain that rises behind the village to see the ruins of the Cyclopean walls and remains of an ancient tower called Castri.

Kalymnos sponge

This island is known around the world as the island of sponge divers, due to its long tradition is there in this profession, in which even the island owes much of its economic prosperity. For hundreds of years, fishermen dive into the sea, to fish for sponges, while today there are three museums on the island on the sponge (Naval Museum, Marine Museum of Findings Valsamidis and marine museum).

Until a few decades before the divers of the Dodecanese, the famous diver, diving without wearing special protective diving in and learned their craft in a way empirical.

The joy of climbing

The diversity of beaches, cliffs and mild climate of Kalymnos, making it ideal for climbers. For experienced and well traveled, the rock of Kalymnos resembles that of Thailand, although the first is more complete as a destination.

Limestone, climbing on stalagmites, many caves have helped to characterize the Kalymnos many magazines as one of the most beautiful places "of climbers in the world."

There are about 60 fields with sports climbing routes mainly "a pitch" difficulty from 4 to 9, which is easily accessible by trails. The majority of routes located in the western and northwestern part of the island and the picturesque island of Telendos.

Before he started 10 years organized a festival on the island climbing in Kalymnos Rock Climbing Festival held this year from 18 to 22 May.

The caves

In Kalymnos according to official records, indicate the existence of approximately 50 caves, large and small. Some of them were used for housing and places of worship, others for storage, to hide and water collection. Several caves were associated with different occupations on the island and so we find pastoral uses of caves, caverns and mines.

The cave of the head or "cave of Zeus" in the SE part of the island, has the necessary infrastructure for tourist visits and rich decorated with columns, stalagmites of different heights and countless delicate stalactites on the ceiling.

How to get there:

This island in the summer of 2006 served daily with one or two flights to and from Athens depending on the season. By boat, the journey time from Piraeus is 12 to 14 hours by boat, depending on stops.

Where to stay:

For your stay in Kalymnos, click on the catalog website