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Kastellorizo Archaeological Museum


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The Archaeological Museum Kastellorizo ​​housed since 1984 in

Kastellorizo Archaeological Museum Located in the district "Kavos" and is a two-storey building whose ground floor dates back to the Knights, while the floor is an addition of the 19th century., Ottoman era.

On the ground floor formed three sites, of which the first westbound Christian period include sculptures (capitals pessiskoi temple), the middle stone anchors and amphorae cleared from the sea and the third diver is exposed to form uniform and accessories diving.

The floor consists of four rooms. In the first westward finds from the ancient Great (as inscriptions, tombstones, sculptures Lycian type vomiskoi, vases and shells, lamps, vases, stamped amphora handles, trunk marble statue Health and fragments Roman sarcophagus).

In the second, apart from a few samples early Christian sculpture, exhibited Byzantine coin, jewelry, Steatite icon depicting St. Demetrius and graphical representation of the castle of St. Nicholas projecting glazed plates of the wreck at Cape "Foam" (12th-13th century. ) and text browsers.

In the third room contains detached frescoes of St. Nicholas (17th century)., Icons, miniature objects, drawings and photographs-Byzantine monuments of island.

The fourth room is devoted to folklore. Exhibits costumes, embroidery, pottery, folk art and the western part of the kitchen is a representation of the popular house on the island.

V. Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities

Kastelorizo ​​(Dodecanese Prefecture)

Phone: +30 22460 49283