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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

Kastelorizo located at the Dodecanese Islands

The feeling that you are literally on the edge of Greece is the biggest charm. A few island without beaches (diving off the rocks), but with beautiful turquoise waters and sublime one port with two rows of neoclassical houses.

Beautiful old buildings, hostels and fresh fish at very good restaurants. Do not leave without a visit (by boat) the Blue Cave.

Built on a hill, like an impregnable fortress and connected to the port with 315 steps.

Renovated in 1759 by Saint Anthimos Kouroukli the Aommato while building complex built in the 18th century.

Kastelorizo ​​is connected by ferry (5 hours) and air (25 minutes) with Rhodes. The tiny airport is located 4 km from the port, which connects the only paved road on the island. Public transport is conducted in a taxi and a minibus, which operate on the route to the airport. The rest of the island explored on foot, through a network of natural trails. For vessels operated refueling station at the port of Kastelorizo​​. There are still a post office, bank, clinic, and several small shops for basic needs.

Inside the church there is a hole that leads to a cave - a source catacomb fresco of St in the background.

Next door is St. John and the mountains.

Major visited churches and monasteries of the island are:

* The patron saints St. Constantine and St. Helen (Fields, 1835)
* The Lady
* St. Spyridon and St. George Lucas (Farmland)
* Saint Sava (small Niftis)
* The Holy Friday (Mandraki)
* The disypostatos chapel of St. Nicholas and Dimitrios (Mills)
* The Panormitis of Nicoletti (in the way of intangible)
* St. George
* Saint Mercurius and within the St. Fanourios (Well)
* St. Stephen (St. Stephen's cape)
* St George (Island)
* St George (in Rome)
* Saint Panteleimon
* Agia Marina
* The Saints Anargyroi and St. Nicholas (Palaiokastro)
* The Prophet Elijah and the Holy Trinity (Hill)

Timeless Great Museum - Kastelorizo ​​(a monument near the Castle)

The inner courtyard is a fountain and Turkish parts of early Christian and Byzantine sculptures.

On the ground floor rooms are reddish stone sculptures from early Christian basilicas, the bottom of amphorae, stone anchors, traditional costume and equipment of the diver, scuba, and the old lighthouse historian of the Round.

Upstairs exposed ancient discoveries, Early Christian and Byzantine period, detached frescoes of the church of St. Nicholas in the 17th century religious icons various types, designs and photographs of Byzantine churches. There are also embroidered traditional costumes and folk art.

The only town and capital is Kastellorizo ​​neoclassical mansions with traditional wooden type with windows and balconies, white or colored, which stretch along the shoreline in front of the red rock.

Notable public buildings and monuments

* The Town Hall (Kavos) New Market are two architectural jewels arches
* Mosque from the Italian occupation
* The "Santrapeia Urban School" (1903 - next to Constantine and Helen Church) the most important institution of the island
* The Lounge (St. George area well), which housed the kindergarten in the early 20th century
* The statue of Our Lady of Ro (square Chorafia) who managed to live and to keep the Greek island namesake
* The bust of the hero Nicholas Savva (Kavos)
* Monument to the unknown soldiers (Port)