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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Places to visit

Mirages and reflections on the surface of the lake that gives life and beauty of the famous city of furriers.

A city that reveals its authentic person through the history, traditions and gastronomic heritage.

Low myriads flights over water from the property, thousands of birds in formations of all kinds, greeting the first light of day. Transcendental landscape like Angelopoulos film. The giant trees chalkoprasina at all along the shore show through the gray, two anglers can anchor are the "ships" do not even think to call it the local boat boat that resembles a bathtub if you do not want to offend them.
Kastoria: A lake like a dream

The bottom full of all sorts spartartista limnopsara. So crowded waters to dive his hand as if you will catch at once. Carps, glyna, sheatfish, platikes, butterflies iliopsara ... Eight species live in the depths of the whole lake. "But if you want real taste," he says Zafiris Mr. Lucas, who fishes here in the last fifty years, "will lecture dowry and pike." The fish of the lake provides a decent survival in 50 permanent fishermen.

However, phosphates of the crop of apples into the lake in some places the mud contaminate the seabed and fish eggs. Five years organic farming will restore the ecosystem to equal, although the water is renewed each spring from the dam that keeps constant the level of expelling the excess water to Aliakmonas. Mr. Zafiris, however, takes an oath that the fish is clean.

On it, almost like an island, spread out on the town. A geography that plays with you and deceive, the beaches are playing hide and seek behind the hills, focus was also fooled by the north and south coast views and different lives ...
Of the many civilizations that passed, was the indelible stamp of Greekness. Part of the walls of Justinian preserved near the city hall, revealing the root of the Byzantine city called Ioustinianoupoli. Then were built and 65 Byzantine churches, which often resemble the houses sequels! However, in the 5th century the city was here Keletro, while Procopius was first mentioned as the name of the lake "Kastoria" probably out-of Castor, the son of Zeus in the 6th century. The area outside the walls of the post-Byzantine period inhabited by Turks, Christians and Jews. In the late 10th century, the city will fall into the hands of the Bulgarians, to be retried after the Byzantine conquest of the Kingdom B Voulgaroktonou. The 1082 series have the Normans. In the 12th century, Kastoria booming thanks to trade with Venice. Here are Albanians, Serbs and Turks until 1912, finally became Greek. In the Macedonian war, Kastoria and the surrounding area have played a leading role. Here, indeed, in the village met with death, the hero of the struggle Pavlos Melas.

So many birds you have never seen: Cormorants, herons, gulls, Lagos, swans and the rare and beautiful Dalmatian.

Must a stopover in Mavriotissa; on the water; with its stunning frescoes and the tree of the 12th century. Here Alexios Komninos disembarked and the Byzantines who came to drive the Normans.

Koumbelidiki The church of the 11th century is the hallmark of the city.

Every afternoon, dreamy boating lake by boat from the municipality (info at tel 6932002973).

Walk the streets of Doltso: Kastoria mansions, green streets, romantic classic.

Visit the Neolithic lakeside settlement of Dispilio and the Folklore Museum, which will amaze you.