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Kefalonia-the miracle with snakes


Greece Travel Guide|Annual Events

The snakes come out every 15 of August at Kefalonia island

In the village of Kefalonia Markopoulos, a hillside full of trees, stands the Church of the Assumption. In this church appear every year from August 6 to 15 of the same month Lady of the snakes, which hang from the pictures oil lamps, the pews without any bother. The image of the Virgin Mary, according to tradition, was found in a lentisk (tree), where unknown how, caught fire without damaging the picture. It belongs to the Holy Metropolis of Cephalonia.

High on the hillside village of Markopoulos (in southern Kefalonia), years before the villagers saw a tree (P. lentiscus) and burning flames rise several meters high. The forest caught fire thought. Alarmed and ran to extinguish the fire to avoid burning the forest and the village. When the villagers arrived they saw the tree completely burnt and burnt root was leaning against a very beautiful image of the Virgin, the fire did not touch it. The excited villagers took the picture in their hands, bowed to download it and happy in the village and placed in the church, which was the square. The next morning we went and the other villagers to church to worship the image of the Virgin. But the picture was missing and there was nowhere. Someone went to the mountain and found the picture of the burnt tree downed in the village and asked what went on there. So the people decided to lock the church. But three times the picture was missing and rediscovers in charred tree. Then the villagers believed that the Virgin Mary is a desire to be there and so they built a church and set in a beautiful shrine to Our Lady. After a short plaid monastery built women. The nuns prayed to the Virgin every day. One morning they saw approaching pirate ships and pirates go uphill to the monastery in order to plunder. Then the nuns were afraid and asked for the protection of Mary. And that did the miracle. Snakes encircling the monastery and when I went to the pirates were afraid and left. The nuns were rescued and thanked the Virgin Mary. Since snakes appear every year.

"Innocent and harmless snakes emerge from the nearby church of Panagia Lagouvardos Lahti, that the feast day become impertinent and even come through in the church. And climbing the temple, the candlesticks, the holy pictures and stands to catch them and caress each pilgrim.
Snakes as if participating in the joy of the festival, snakes never bitten nor animal nor human. Snakes, which ought to be studied scientifically. Because it is really inexplicable appearance in early August and the dot disappearing at the end of that month ...
Easy explanation can not give, you keep your word cautiously and the other not laugh at or ignore your faith! But many say that the natural phenomenon coexists with religious and circled and moves along once a year in celebration of the Virgin Mary August 15!
Lot of people, believers and curious, do the cross and feel that this is the sign of the appearance of snakes Joined the Virgin festival is good and divine and fearless. And so known rest the spirit and faith stands.