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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

Kythera, are the large group of islands between Crete and the Peloponnese, between the Ionian and Aegean Sea,

Kythera is an island full of history, legends and endless natural beauty.

If you look at the map of Greece, would seem perhaps that Kythera seem to want to remove all. Perhaps because there can be seen concentrated all the Greek beauty: blue sea, mountains, variety of vegetation, ravines and caves, traditional settlements, hospitable inhabitants.

Located in southern Greece, the Peloponnese in the south and northwest of Elafonisos and Crete, away from the Cyclades and the Ionian Islands, but succeeds in combining the blinding sun of the Aegean, with its rich fertility of the Ionian Islands.

The location of the island at the crossroads of civilizations between East and West, played a key role in the evolution and history, and according to mythological descriptions, born in Kythera, the goddess Venus. On the island there are plenty of attractions, most notably the numerous and scattered in small-distance from each other, traditional villages and the beautiful, hilly landscape.

In this island of 3,354 inhabitants, known by the older Venetian name Tsirigo (Cerigo) - wherever you go you will find villages (63 in total) and ... hidden natural treasures. The Country is a classic Aegean capital with whitewashed houses, narrow alleys and the Venetian fortress dominates from above, making it the best spot to enjoy spectacular views.

Below the town, located Kapsali, the most developed tourist resort on the island and a port that is divided in half by a peninsula, forming two smaller ones. There you will see many boats anchored and you can enjoy coffee or lunch at one of the many shops of the coastal walkway.

Nearby, across from Kapsali will see the islet or Egg Pot, south of which lies an impressive sea cave with amazing colors. To get there you need to have their own boat or go with one of the boats in the area.

In the south, just east of the country, will find the village of Kalamos and close three beaches on the island, (one of the two) busy Firi Sand, copper (one of the most famous beaches of the island) and Vroulea.

North Country, in the center of the island lies the Gorge Tsakonas, between the villages and Mitata Viaradika. Inside the canyon are carved in the rocks hidden churches and two sources, one for each village. After several kilometers to several branches of the canyon ends in Paleopolis.

On the eastern edge of Kythera is the Avlaimonas, one of the most picturesque fishing villages of the island, a small medieval castle in the harbor, while a little further south you will find the Paleopolis, which is the largest and one of the most beautiful beaches (where it is said he was born Aphrodite) and north Diakofti, with turquoise waters and the ancient shipwreck that was a few years ago a few meters outside the harbor and is now one of the modern exhibits of the island.

And talk about the beaches in Kythira never ends! Why are many and beautiful. We would like also to mention the Kaladi, which in many is the best pebble beach of the island's trademark and is located right next to Paleopolis. The beach is divided into three parts where the third and most impressive is a small cave that leads to a very small beach. To get there you must drive dirt road a few meters and then descend about 120 stone steps.

On the opposite side of the island to the west, Mylopotamos is the most interesting, with lots of natural and cultural attractions such as the Cave of St. Sophia, the Mills, the village preserved Venetian Lower Town with its Venetian castle, Byzantine Church of St. Peter. Do not forget to drink coffee and eat cake in the square under the trees, the traditional coffee and watch the spectacular sunset on the "Down Town". Mylopotamos has declared a traditional settlement in its entirety and now all the houses and buildings are reconstructed with respect to tradition.

Very close to the village there is a striking point where the waters form a waterfall of 20 meters, known as the waterfall or Murderess Fairy. It is an idyllic landscape with tropical greenery and beautiful bridges and streams, within a designated scenic stream. You can swim in the small green pond that forms a cataract, although the water is too cold.

Around the waterfall you will find the abandoned mills and other small lakes formed by the terrain, in a beautiful location, while penetrating the creek you can swim at the beach Kalami, after about 15 minutes walking quite difficult.

Among approximately Mylopotamos and Country, north of the latter, is the village Drymonas, where one goes to beach Melidoni a small bay with fine sand and crystal waters and view the kettle. Melidoni can also be reached by boat from the port of Kapsali.

If you find yourself in Kythira, do not forget to try the local liqueur "Fatourada" with kanellogaryfala or aroma and flavor of natural fruit and ladopaximada prepared with extra oil on the island. Also eat fish and seafood from local fishermen, kolokythanthous stuffed, scrambled with local sausages and roasted octopus.

-To get to some of the beaches of Kythira, you need jeep type vehicle, so it's best to talk to someone local or someone from the rental company of your car.

Pick-thyme is abundant on the island, even beside the roads. This handsome shrub with tiny purple fragrant flowers everywhere.

How to get there:

In Kythira can be reached by plane or by ferry from Piraeus to about 6.30 hours. Also you can go by car or by Gytheion Neapoli of Laconia and then again by boat at 8.30-9.30 hours.

Where to stay:

For your stay choose from Kythera accommodation website