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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Lake Emvias


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Nature

Lake Emvia is always impresive

Autumn is a time for trips. Even before catching big cold and then the often suffocating summer heat, the trips to nearby areas is must, especially when these areas combine dense forests with crystal beaches, calm and interesting attractions, natural beauty and local flavors.

The northern Evia is one of these areas, very close to Athens and options covering all tastes.

Almost in the middle of the northern Euboean Gulf, on the west coast of northern Evia and the end of the small and steep mountain candle is the picturesque town of Lake, built like an amphitheater, "watching" the peaceful sea . This is one of the most scenic parts of northern Evia, with narrow streets and neoclassical architecture houses with tiled roofs and beautiful courtyards adorned with flowers and lemon trees and a small natural harbor with a promenade that offers endless walks all hours of days.

The lake is located about 80 km from Chalkis. It is the capital of the Municipality Limni, which combines the ultimate blue Euboean Gulf and the lush green of the unique surrounding landscape.

Visit the historical and folklore museum to learn about the history and culture of the region through ancient documents of the city and other findings. On the western edge of the wharf, you will see a narrow paved road that leads to the hermitage of Saint Christodoulos and the temple. Very close to the rock, the cave askitefe St., is a beautiful stone building, which was the old slaughterhouse in the lake and now houses the Club Seascout Group. Do not forget to pass by the chapel of the Life Giving Spring "Panagitsa", which is built on the ruins of an earlier Christian basilica in a small square inside the lake.

Lake in recent years has been exploited as tourist, featuring all the amenities for the visitor, such as shops and apartments, and many taverns and eating fresh fish.

Also in major events organized in the summer, the so-called "Elymnia" host book launches, dance events, sporting events, theater, etc.
You can use the lake as a base for various excursions in the area of ​​northern Evia.

Visit the nearby picturesque village Drymona, very near the Monastery of Saint David, who was named probably from the dense oak forest (oak) or surrounding the severe cold which prevails in the area during the winter months.

Near Drymona in a beautiful natural landscape, you will see the impressive waterfalls during the winter do not differ from raging river and in summer the water is so clean that many tourists and locals enjoy swimming.

About 20 km away from what Lake, heading toward the Aegean Sea, you will find the beautiful village of Ayia Anna amphitheater is built at an altitude of 300m. overlooking the sea and the beach Agali.

From Agia Anna leads the way, after 3 km to a point from where the dirt starts Canyon Neleus. The trail is marked with a special view and natural beauty of the path is amazing.

About 8 km south of the Lake, is the Galataki monastery built in the 8th or the other 7th century (considered the oldest monastery of Evia) probably on an ancient temple of Poseidon. It is dedicated to St. Nicholas, patron saint of sailors and is a magnificent location 200 meters above sea level.