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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Places to visit

Larissa is the capital of the area and province of the same name and is a commercial, industrial, administrative, transportation and agricultural center of the whole of Thessaly.

Larissa's characteristic is the large squares, sidewalks and parks, but also many opportunities for fun.

In the middle of the plain of Thessaly, Larissa was the capital in all eras of history, from ancient Pelasgiotida up today and become an economic, administrative, ecclesiastical and scientific center of all of Thessaly.

With a population of 163,380 inhabitants, located near the center of Greece , built on both banks of the Peneus river and between mountains and is one of the largest Greek cities, sights and monuments and strong business resources and services. On the east side of the county bordering the Aegean Sea and includes beautiful beaches, such as inlet, Karitsa, Red Water, the Koutsoupia the Paliouria the Velika etc.

Important is also the city's cultural infrastructure, such as the Municipal Art Gallery, Contemporary Art Centre, the two ancient theaters, the Municipal Theatre, movies, the Folklore Museum, Timeless Museum, GI Katsigras, etc.

Moreover, the extensive pedestrianization of the last decade and the regeneration of the town center and the fortress hill with the use of data delivery, highlighted the city's historical identity and a strong commercial, tourist and recreational activity.

The Theater and the historic center which surrounds it, are from ancient times until today, the "soul" of Larissa, with many ancient monuments and buildings. From there you can descend to the river Peneus for an enjoyable walk, or in the opposite direction to the destination squares Agamemnon Blanc and St. Bessarion.

From the central square (Mayor Sapka) Larissa starts Kouma pedestrian street with dozens of shops. From here the visitor can follow the path to the hill fortress of an ideal place for a drink, eat and walk.

The Bezesteni is a large covered market, built by the Ottomans in the late 15th - early 16th century and dominates the hill of the ancient citadel, the current location "Fort Hill". Today only the perimeter walls of the central edifice.

On the northwest edge of town, the park is the Alcazar, a beautiful and lush urban recreation park with many trees, flowers, outdoors sports and recreation, outdoor theater capacity of 2,500 persons, the famous Garden Theatre during the summer months hosts several musical and theatrical performances events.

There are also pedestrian bridges over the river, rock gardens, bike paths and the monument of National Resistance, the work of sculptor Larissa Filolaou Tloupas.

How they say the river?

The Peneus River, flowing through the plain of Thessaly and fed by the waters of many tributaries. It flows from Pindus, near Kalambaka passes and goes to the plain of Thessaly. It took its present shape after the removal of water of the once great Thessalian lake, created by rift valley of Tempe.

Larissa found in the north side of the hill fortress, beneath the Mount Achilles and with the park of Alcazar, creating an oasis of greenery and tranquility in the city center just steps from the main square.

The length of Penaeus reaches 205 m and is the third longest river in the country. Larissa After going through the Tempi valley and flows into the Aegean Sea, forming a small delta.

Has significant riparian forests and great diversity in the surrounding fauna.

The area near the town of Larissa, ideal for excursions and activities. Across the county will find traditional villages, such as Ambelakia on NW slopes of Kissavos, Livadi, Melivia the Metaxochori etc. and you will have the opportunity for alternative activities such as rafting, kayaking and hiking.