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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Livaditis in Xanthi


Greece Travel Guide|Travel and tourism

Located in the central part of the Rhodope Mountains in the northwestern part of the prefecture of Xanthi, at 1220m. altitude.

Livaditis in Xanthi has a capacity room for 36 people. It has electricity, tap water, hot water, central heating, fireplace, bed, living room and dining room. We offer breakfast.
The Livaditis is one of the mountainous villages of Greece. The weather is generally cold and so they need warm clothes even in summer evenings. From Livaditis, which is the hall for Park Hyde, begins extensive network of forest roads passable even by private passenger cars, of course, when the mountain region is covered with snow. In winter it is necessary chains and antifreeze in the car.
In Livaditis two taverns (Leivadiotisa, tel 2541067947 and 2541067102 tel Cappadocia). Coffee will go to the shop of Mr. Anthony and Lady Athena (tel. 2541067815) where you do your shopping.

Areas to visit

* Waterfall Livaditis
* Natural Monument
* Antalofos, 1569 m
* Forest Village
* Castle Kalivas
* Museum of Natural History Paranesti
* Folklore Museum Stavropol
* Macedonian tomb Komninon

How to get to Livaditis
a) By Xanthi Drama through to Stavropol, 50 km asphalt road. After passing the Stavropol and meet Dafnona right to cross-Kariofito Livaditis. Caution: 20 km from Xanthi and before the junction to Stavropol there Haidou - Livaditis. We recommend that you do not follow this path.
b) From Drama to Xanthi through Paranesti, 74 km asphalt road. After passing the villages Paranesti Neochori Ionic and left to meet intersection Kariofito - Livaditis.
In return we suggest:
a) Only LeoforeiaMEChRI IX and 20 seats 6-7 m ROUTE EXCELLENT BEAUTY
From Livaditis will follow the dirt road for Forest Village, 1320 m (9 km) and from there the road Gyftokastro. In 3 km you will come across the right junction, 1400 m, for the current Pomakochoria - Nice. From this intersection, through the woods and almost continuous downhill at 16 km you reach the free stream, 580 m (there is a farm and tavern with trout). At 9 km from the current will pass from the nice village and continue towards Sminthi. From Sminthi to 5 km you will find junction left to Xanthi (8 km) and right to Stavropol (16 km).
b) The quickest and easy return is opposite to that of your turnout. Namely to Livaditis Kariofito and thence Xanthi - Kavala to Drama etc or etc.