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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Milos Island


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

Milos Island around Saronic Gulf inhabited since the Prehistoric Age (5000 BC approximately), flourished during antiquity because of its geographical location, the harbor and the rich subsoil.

Milos Island was one of the most important centers of the Cycladic civilization (Phylakopi). Source of wealth for the island was the obsidian or obsidian, rock to make weapons and tools, which are traded Milioi the islands and mainland Ellada.

The 415 BC the Athenians destroyed the island. Tin Benetokratias period became known for their "pilots" of, say skilled navigators of ships
Aegean. In Milos fled from Crete Sfakia after a failed uprising against Tourkoaigyption and founded the Adamas.

The feast of Saint Marina, on 17 July, and the great feast at the monastery of St. John the Divine, on 26 September, dances and food.

The temporary bus route running from Adamas to the monastery.
O people, who arrived from all over the island and Kimolos, stays in the cells a week for bathrooms and convent transformed into a small town.

The Adamas and Paliohori rented windsurfing, canoeing, pedal boats.

The catches have declined. Watch out for sudden weather changes.

The Adamas buns, sweets, cheese milaiiko. In Triovasalo, pastries and sweets wrapped.

"Pitarakia" (a local cheese pies) and "candy" (sweet with honey and pumpkin).

It periplefsete the beautiful shores of the island, will go to Kimolos.
You can tie your boat to the port of Adamas to Replenish water and fuel, 22093 tel. For a mechanical damage.

Around the islands:

The locals call it Erimomilo. It has been declared a national park because there lives a rare type of wild goat, similar to that of Crete. In ancient times it was called Efyra and east traces of plant belonging to the Stone Age.

Small Ismands with volcanic origin, owe their shape to erosion of the sea. Situated on the north side of the gulf of Milos. Will
see reaching the island.

These deserted islands near Pollonia volcanic origin.
From far away they look like mountains, and project through the sea like pillars and reach a height which exceeds many times the 20 m Either the island is actually a composite of polygonal stone blocks (basalt) to form beams. The boat passage between them is impressive. The small sea caves formed among the towering blocks, with water in all shades of blue and green create unparalleled picture of beauty.
Swim in sandy Plathiena B, in Firopotamos.