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Monasteries and Churches of Skopelos


Greece Travel Guide|Religious Tourism

Skopelos has a very remarkable religious tradition and the island monasteries and churches are monumental value,

Monasteries and Churches of Skopelos date from the Byzantine era. As you take the road to the monasteries, in the southwest of the town of Skopelos, the first monastery you will find is that of the Transfiguration of the 16th century, after the Monastery of the Annunciation, which offers excellent views of the island, the monastery of St. Barbara's 17th century and at 300 meters is the Monastery of John the Baptist who has pictures from the 16th century.

To the south of Skopelos is the Monastery of St. Riginos Skopelos built on the ruins of an ancient temple. The St. John Kastri north of the island is a beautiful church on the rock and became well known when it aired the movie "Mamma mia!". Within the town of Skopelos, there are many churches. Examples include the Church of the Nativity, where lie the relics of St. Riginos, the Church of St. Nicholas of the Rock, which features images from the 17th century Church of St. Athanasius in the Castle with frescoes from the 17th century, the Church of the Apostles "Rock of Rizainas "and finally the Church of the Nativity of Christ, which is the cathedral of Skopelos, which features a unique art carved temple dating back to 1762.