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Morosini Fountain Heraclion Crete


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The Morosini Fountain, also known as the Lions is a Venetian monument located in the central square of Heraklion.

Morosini Fountain Heraclion at Crete constructed in 1682 by Francesco Morosini Governor of Crete and was given his name.
This results in the Fountain of the pipeline aqueduct of the city, 15 kilometers long, which was also the work of Morosini. The fountain was always the marble ornament of the city, with reliefs of the four lions were making water from their mouths.
Today the "Lions" and the corresponding square, is the "trademark" for Heraklion, often a meeting place and place where foreigners and locals can taste the traditional "pies" in the cafes of Heraklion Square.