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Museum of Science and Technology


Greece Travel Guide|Museums

Museum of Science and Technology was established in 2001 as a laboratory of the Faculty of Science, University of Patras, housed on the premises of the University, in Rio

The Museum of Science and Technology at Patra is principally engaged in the acquisition, preservation and study of evidence concerning science and technology to their subsequent distribution to the public. For nearly 10 years the Museum of Science and Technology disseminates and promotes the science in as many fields as possible and is an important tool for teaching the history of science and technology at all educational levels, giving the public the opportunity to come in contact and gain experiences associated with it. The reports of the museum holds a special place that is dedicated to telecommunications, which presents the historical evolution of telecommunications, through experiments and audiovisual material. The M.E.T. open to visitors Monday through Friday during the hours of 9 am to 2 pm For more information please call 2610 969973/2 and 2610 996 732.