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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

Poseidon threw, one day, one rock in the sea to giant Polyvota crushed rock, and he became the Nisyros.

Nisyros is reasonable centuries legends and stories that transcend the boundaries of reality to characterize the Nisyros, one on an unknown island in the Aegean, hiding incredible beauty and should rightfully be considered "draped" over others, as the distance from Piraeus, it facilitates easy and quick access to conventional ferries.

Yet the traveler waiting for the most impressive and well-shaped volcano of Greece, but also charming villages and beautiful sandy beaches. A round, even with a boat will bring you close to stunning volcanic rock complexes, which beaten by the waves. Nisyros is a true revelation, as long as you have the true desire to know.