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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Olympus dion


Greece Travel Guide|Archeological places

Olympos with the mystic charm of awe and excitement to people always.

With the center archaeological site of Dion deserves to know many unknown aspects of the mountain in the northern foothills, where there are important monuments of culture and nature

At the foot of Olympos, down from the mountain where they lived twelve gods, the Macedonians built a great temple to worship Jupiter. The Dion except sacred place of worship became a big city, flourished, and shone with centuries declined and was wiped off the map.

The first official excavations began just after liberation from the Turks Makedonias but essentially Professor Dimitris Pantermalis that is pulled from the mud and oblivion the magnificence of the ancient city.

Dion does the most beautiful archaeological park Elladas, a beautifully designed archaeological site of ancient temples, Hellenistic and Roman theaters, ancient paved streets, swimming pools and baths with mosaics, conservatory, Roman houses, mansions and basilicas, a space - standard.

The city of Macedonians gained great fame and glamor when the throne of the Makedonias went Archelaos, who founded the famous Dion celebrations, the persecution in Olympia. O Philip B 'after each victorious campaign came to Dion to sacrifice. O Megas Alexandros Dion spent a grand total, made ​​by sculptor Lyssipo-mounted copper by 25 young Macedonians. The 220 ​​BC General of Scopas Aitolon destroyed Dion. Later the Macedonians and the rebuilt xanastolisan with beautiful monuments. The Romans continued here the worship of Zeus and Dion later created one of the four great Roman colonies in Makedonia.

It deserves to stay the night in the village of Dion and the early morning with the sweet dew to descend on the site. The entire area is lush vegetation and small streams and springs across the site, creating a heavenly backdrop through which the white shine ancient finds an incredibly charming picture.

One of the most beautiful places in the room is the sanctuary of Isidos: under water and buildings rising from the wet vegetation.

Nearby is the temple of Demeter, the oldest of which have been excavated in Makedonia.

From the side of the ancient city of Dion will walk along the old road with embossed shields and armor, you will see the villa of Dionysus with its mosaics and of course the great baths of Dion, built in 200 AD, spectacular baths complex .

Notice the hypocaust (ie the system of channeling the hot air heats the floor, walls and halls) and admire the highest art mosaic on the floor of the bathroom, depicting the Nereids and grab the Tritones